FAQ/Walkthrough by falsehead

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************************* DOOM: FAQ/WALKTHRU ****************************

           Atari Jaguar First Person Shooter; released 1993 UK (PAL)

                  FAQ/WALKTHRU (Final Version) (06/05/2002).

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com

Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
purposes that's OK).

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************





Level 1: Hanger
Level 2: Plant
Level 3: Toxin Refinery
Level 4: Command Control
Level 5: Phobos Lab
Level 6: Central Processing
Level 7: Computer Station
Level 8: Phobos Anomaly
Level 9: Deimos Anomaly
Level 10: Containment Area
Level 11: Refinery
Level 12: Deimos Lab
Level 13: Command Centre
Level 14: Halls of the Damned
Level 15: Spawning Vats
Level 16: Tower of Babel
Level 17: Hell Keep
Level 18: Pandemonium
Level 19: House of Pain
Level 20: Unholy Cathedral
Level 21: Mt. Erebus
Level 22: Limbo
Level 23: Dis
Level 24: Military Base (Secret Level)



********************** 1) INTRODUCTION/REVISIONS ************************

INTRODUCTION - This is my guide to the excellent FPS game DOOM on the Atari
Jaguar Console.  This game is legendary and has appeared on many different
consoles.  Each version is usually slightly different from others so a guide
for one may not be as helpful for another.  For example the PC version contains
27 levels, this one contains only 24.  Many of the level names in the PC
version refer to completely different levels named the same in the jaguar
versions. This is why I have done a Jaguar specific version.  I found this
version one of the more enjoyable versions I have played.  The multi button
Jaguar pad suits the weapons selection very well and movement and strafing was
relatively easy to do in the heat of battle.  There weren't many decent games
released on the Jaguar, but this is definitely worthwhile purchase if you're an
FPS fan.

In writing this FAQ/Walkthrough the "Official Atari Jaguar Gamers Guide" by
Zach Meston and J. Douglas Arnold (1995) was invaluable in helping me find all
the secret areas tucked away on each level.


REVISIONS - Final Version (06/05/2002).

Wrote up all the weapons, enemy, cheat codes and level walkthroughs.  Plus a
section on the differences between the jaguar version and other versions of the
game.  Unless I have made a really crass error and someone emails me to point
it out there will be no more additions to this FAQ.

***************************** 2) WEAPONS ********************************

1) FISTS - There is plenty of ammo lying about, if you find yourself reduced to
fists you're in big trouble.  Only any good if you find a berserk pack and then
you can kill stuff with a few punches, otherwise, run away and find some more

2) CHAINSAW - Great fun to use against enemies without long range attacks. Use
it to chew up Demons and Cacodemons, ahhh, satisfying!

3) PISTOL - Your default weapon.  Useful in the early levels and holds a nice
lot of ammo.  But once you get past the Imps you're in trouble.  Save it for
the weaker guys and bring out the big guns for the badasses.

4) SHOTGUN - This weapon is the Doomsters best friend.  Powerful enough to take
out all but Cacodemons and Barons of Hell with a few blasts and ammo is usually
plentiful.  Its main disadvantage is the time it takes to reload.  In the early
levels, try strafing left and right while reloading, it will save your life in
later levels.

5) CHAINGUN - This little beauty fires out tonnes of bullets with each hit. 
Although the hits are relatively weak the sheer speed and rate of fire can keep
the enemy on the defensive until they die.  It also uses up ammo VERY quickly,
best kept for Imps and demons and Cacodemons if you are facing off against only

6) ROCKET LAUNCHER - Hooray!  The FPS classic weapon is just as awesome in Doom
as it is in every other game.  But ammo for these is always scarce. When you
find one hold onto it for the real nasties - Cacodemons and Barons of Hell. 
Also take care firing at close range; the explosions can damage you as well as
your target.

7) PLASMA RIFLE - Another fast firing weapon, Balls of Plasma shoot out at a
nice fast rate and can kill most enemies with a single shot.  Not so effective
against Barons of Hell or Cacodemons, but great for taking down Lost Souls and

8) BFG 9000 - The daddy of all weapons will kill EVERYTHING with a single
blast. Has little ammo and always hard to find but great for turning the tables
of those damn Hell Barons.  Word of warning, it takes ages for the BFG to power
up after each shot, so be careful when taking on a crowd with it.

***************************** 3) ENEMIES ********************************

This version of Doom has only seven enemies to face off against; here they are
from the weakest to the nastiest and the best ways to kill them.

1) ZOMBIEMAN - The reanimated corpse of a dead marine now under the control of
the forces of darkness.  They only carry weak rifles and can be killed with a
couple of blasts from your pistol.  They will drop a pistol ammo clip when they

2) SHOTGUN GUY - A slightly tougher version of zombieman.  He carries a more
powerful rifle but is still pretty weak.  A couple of pistol shots will kill
him and he'll drop shotgun shells when he dies.

3) IMP - Now things are getting a bit tougher.  This pinky red demon can attack
you from long distances with flaming fireballs.  It takes about 6-7 pistol
shots to kill it, but one shotgun blast is usually enough to drop it.

4) DEMON - A nastier fat pink demonic creature.  Can't attack from long range
so it will usually rush you and cause some major mangling to your face.  Don't
bother with your pistol unless you are desperate (over 12 shots to kill it). 
The shotgun can drop it in three blasts, but its better to bring out the big
guns and take it out from a distance.  A rocket launcher or plasma rifle does
the job lovely.

5) LOST SOUL - A floating, flaming skull that will rush you very quickly.  It
can dodge slower long distance weaponry.  Wait until its right in your face and
unleash your shotgun.  Three hits should take it down.

6) CACODEMON - Uuh, nasty.  This is like a big gross floating eyeball that
likes to pound your candy ass with lightening bolts.  Forget your pistol unless
you have a death wish (over 30 hits needed) and the shotgun is not much more
use (6+ shots).  Bring out your Chain Gun to keep it battered and unable to
shoot lightening.  A Chainsaw in the face (eye?) can also cause this blobby
fool to stop attacking you.  Two hits from a Rocket Launcher will also see this
big fat meany splattered all over the level.

7) Baron of Hell - The rottenest and coolest enemy of the lot.  This giant
horned and hoofed demon is VERY tough and likes to get up close and personal. 
Forget anything except the Rocket Launcher, which will take one out in two hits
a plasma rifle (50 rounds) and if you have got your hands of the BFG one hit
will take him out.

********************** 4) CONTROLS AND AUTOMAP **************************


In case you have lost you control overlay (bet you have!), here are the
controls for the game.

D-PAD: Move left, right, forward and backward
B BUTTON: Fire/Use Weapon
C BUTTON: Open doors/Flick Switches

HOLD C BUTTON + D-PAD LEFT or RIGHT - Strafe (Fire weapon at the same time)

PAUSE: Pauses Game
OPTION: Game Options Menu

KEYPAD 1: Select Fists or Chainsaw (if obtained)
KEYPAD 2: Select Pistol
KEYPAD 3: Select Shotgun
KEYPAD 4: Select Chaingun
KEYPAD 5: Select Rocket Launcher
KEYPAD 6: Select Plasma Rifle
KEYPAD 7: BFG 9000

KEYPAD 9: Toggle AutoMap
# + * together: Restart Game.


This is often neglected by many players but is actually a damn useful tool for
helping you navigate though some of the more maze-like levels.  There are
several features to understand:

a) You are represented as a green arrow.  The point of the arrow shows the
direction you are currently pointing in.
b) The map gradually reveals more as you run though the level.  This helps you
retrace you steps when you find the relevant card keys to open the relevant
c) A red line indicates a solid wall, there may be a secret area, but that will
not appear until you find it.
d) A doubled red line indicates a passageway into a previously locked area.
e) A yellow line is an open and explored area
f) A doubled yellow line is a doorway.
g) Multiple yellow lines indicate a hidden platform, bridge or stairway now
h) Single grey lines show platforms, ledges, toxic slime pools, obstructions.
i) Double grey lines are windows or balconies.
j) A multiple grey line is a stairway (unused)

********************* 5) COMPLETE LEVEL WALKTHROUGH *********************

I have tried to give the quickest guide possible to each level.  But I have
also designed it to cover as many of the secret areas as possible.  It's
basically up to you if you choose to locate all the secret areas.  They count
towards your secrets score at the end of each level.  In earlier levels its not
so important, but in later levels all the super-strong weaponry, extra health
and armour is hidden away, so it may be worth learning to spot the entrances to
secret areas in earlier levels to save time when your having your butt kicked
in later ones!

Level 1: Hanger

- Go to then end door on the left.  Go up the stairs and take the Security
Armour.  Go back down stairs and turn left.  Go down the corridor and through
the door into the computer room.  Take the east door out of the Computer room
and you'll be on a zigzag bridge.  Cross over the slime pool via this.

- Now look for a lighter section of wall on the right side of the corridor. 
Press C while against it to open it and you'll find a secret passage leading
out to the courtyard.  Go into the courtyard and take the Combat Armour in the
Slime Pool the return to the secret passage.

- Turn right and open the door.  Pick up all the stuff in the room then go back
to the zigzag bridge.  Now the tower with the Imp on top has lowered.  It opens
a new passage, which you can pick up more items and a shotgun.

- In this area near the shotgun is a secret lift (elevator).  You can only open
it by touching a tripwire near the north side of the zigzag bridge.  When it's
tripped you can see and hear the secret elevator opening.  You must run back
before it closes.  Once you get inside, pick up all the items and get out by
jumping down onto the zigzag bridge.  Now turn left and go out through the Exit

Level 2: Plant

- Walk to the right of the stairs and open the secret door along the left wall
(gold bit of a grey wall).  Go inside the secret room and press the switch to
open another secret door. Go upstairs in the northeast corner and the secret
door you opened is at the top.  Walk into the courtyard and collect the
chaingun and soul sphere.  Return to the door, go to the top of the stairs and
turn right.  Get the red card and follow the stairs back to the start of the

- Go through the red security door on the west side of the area.  Walk straight
ahead and up the stairs to the right.  Go to the top off the stairs and in a
niche to the left is a flashing light. Step in the niche and you'll drop down
into a secret area.  Shoot the Imp and Zombieman.  There a Chainsaw in sight
but you can't get it quite yet so go back up the niche.

- Go north across the slim pool bridge and push on the first wall panel to the
left.  This leads to a passage that you can follow and shoot the enemies below
you.  Then jump down and get the combat armour, then flip the switch to open
the doors on either side. Both lead to the exit. Go through it now or stay and
find the secrets.  If so, return to the red security door and walk up the north
corridor.  Flip the switch on the east side of the column sitting in the middle
of the slime pool.  This opens a secret door next to the red security door.

- Go through this secret door and explore west until you find the green
security armour.  Shoot at the wall behind the armour to reveal another secret
passage.  At the top of the second flight of stairs, turn to the east and open
a secret door.  Go through a door full of armour bonuses.  Exit and continue
upstairs to the chainsaw area.  Push the switch in the northwest corner to
lower the chainsaw.  Go back down to the maze and work you're way to the
eastside of the maze.  Open the secret door between the white stripes on the
far east wall. That's all the secrets done with so go back to the twin doors
and Exit.

Level 3: Toxin Refinery

- Go through the northwest door and go upstairs.  Turn left twice to get to a
switch. Press it to open a secret door and collect the soul sphere back near
the window. Go through the door and up to the computer room.  Get the yellow
card and check the flashing computer banks on the wall.  Go back down the
stairs and go to the first lift behind the second bank of computers on the far
left wall.  This is a timed run to a secret passage, if you fail, return to the
room full of flashing computer banks and try again.

- Once in the secret passage go down the stairs and press the switch on the
pedestal to lower the soul sphere.  Go back down the stairs and run to the next
secret passage behind the computers on the back wall.  There is security armour
and a rocket launcher in this secret room. Jump in the slime and quickly follow
it right through the door.  Press the switch to lower a secret drawbridge at
the start of the level.

- Press on the light brown section of wall and take the items in the secret
area.  Take the first lift then the second with the green armour.  Go upstairs
and left to explore the north section of the refinery. Go north to the oval
bridge and follow it to the blue key.  When you pick it up all the lights will
go out. Monsters will attack from a secret room behind you.  Shoot them and
return to the start of the level.

- Go to the blue security door.  Go through the door and turn left at the fork
in the slime pool.  Go straight ahead to raise a secret staircase.  At the top
is the Exit, go through now or go back to access the secret level 24.

- Go back to the fork in the slime pool and this timed go right.  Press on the
wall near the light and follow the secret path to the yellow door.  Go through
to collect some items.  Return to the drawbridge at the start of the level. Go
across it and kill the monsters as you head north.  Keep going until you reach
a room with a switch.  This will take you to level 24.  Press the wall across
from the switch to access a hidden lift and ride up to the bridge and collect a
box of rockets.  Return and press the switch to go to level 24.

Level 4: Command Control

- Pres the south wall to open a secret door to a room with a backpack and other
items.  Go along the north passage and get on the lift by the east wall.  Ride
up to the high ledge and walk westwards to a large round chamber.  Walk through
any door and take the blue key.  Collect a radiation suit and run to the slime

- Jump in the trench and go east.  You'll soon find yourself in a large room. 
Collect all the stuff and flip the switch and get on the lift.  Go back to the
large round chamber and through the north door.   Go down the stairs and inot a
large room.  Go up and collect the armour vest, return to the round chamber and
go though the blue security door.

- Work your way from the southwest of the map northwards until you reach the
final chamber, which has a yellow key in it.  Go north to the yellow door and
flip the switch nearby.  Go through the yellow door and out of the Exit.

Level 5: Phobos Lab

- Walk north and up the stairs.  Blast away the barrels and open the south wall
to reveal a shotgun and some items.  Go eats down the passage and drop into the
slime pool.  Run to the southeast corner and open the secret door their. 
Inside is a room with a rocket launcher and Armour vest. Go west down the
corridor and then exit, turn right into the east corridor.  Go out onto the
ledge and a bridge will rise across the slime pool.  Go back upstairs and use
the new bridge to enter a room with the yellow key.

- Return to the starting room and then through the north door.  Go through the
yellow security door to the area west of the slime pool.  Ride down the lift to
the circular western room.  There are two hidden lifts on the stairs.  There
are platform at the top of each.  Only the southern one has anything above it,
a medikit.  Open the secret door in the west wall, open it and take the
radiation suit. Press on the south wall and collect the chainsaw from the
secret room.  Press the next south wall and collect the soul sphere.

- Return to the slime pool and flip the switch across the pool to open a secret
door back at the middle slime pool.  You can ride up the pillars and jump
across to the platforms to collect hidden items.  Go back to the lift on the
north stairs and ride it.  At the top press on the east wall, enter the secret
room and press on the next room to enter a room with a pentagram in. This will
teleport you back to the room you started in.

- Return to the room where you found the yellow key.  Move east until you reach
a room with a switch.  First open the secret door in the south wall to find a
chain gun and other items then flip the switch.  Follow the corridor north and
west to a room with a blue key.  Throw the switch and go through the north door
into a dark room.  Follow the south wall until you find a small opening.  Go
through the hole and collect the items then carry on north to the exit.

Level 6: Central Processing

- Go north to the first intersection and turn west.  In the northwest corner is
a room with an Armour Vest and some items.  Go back to the intersection and go
east to a big room.  There are hidden monsters pens here, when you take the red
key they will attack you from behind. Cross the slime pool and go though either
red security door.

- You'll see a blue key, as you get close to it, more monsters will attack you
from behind. Take the key and jump down into the slime pool, go to the
northeast corner and collect a radiation suit. Go back to the central opening
in the slime pool wall. Go through to a lift, which will take you up to a soul
sphere. Go to the platform on the eastside of the slimepit to get an armour
vest.  Follow the trail of items to a switch, which when pressed will open a
passage back in the starting area.

- Go north to the stair platform, go east and ahead is a blue security door. 
Don't go through it yet, go west to the bridge and then south to the secret
room.  Collect the items and push on the south wall to reveal a rocket
launcher.  Now go back through the blue security door and go through. In the
east corridor you will find a wall switch which opens a passage to the yellow
key room.  Don't go through it yet.

- Go back to the blue door and run onto the lowered Imp tower. Collect the
radiation suit and go north across the main bridge and into a long passageway. 
Follow it to a platform full of items. Collect them and go through into the
courtyard.  Approach the pillar with the Soul Sphere and it will lower
automatically.   Step on the platform and ride up to a door at the top.  Open
the door and face a lot of monsters.

- When you are done, walk north and flip the switch.  Then go back to the main
chamber and go west to a newly opened door. Go down either lot of stairs and
press the switch in the alcove.  As you reach the switch, lots of monsters will
attack.  Kill them all and then go northwest to the level exit.

Level 7: Computer Station

- Leave the room you start in and get ready for instant fighting. Go east then
south until you find a window overlooking the courtyard.  North of the
courtyard is a lift in an alcove.  Take it up to a ledge and follow it round
until you find the yellow key. Jump down from the ledge and make your way to
the central computer room.  Go through either yellow door and take the lift in
the north corridor.  Pick up the rocket launcher and other stuff then, then
return back down the lift.

- Go south and go up the curved stairs.  Stand on the lower pillar and jump
into the slime pool to the south. Go to the ledge in the northeast corner and
collect the chaingun, carry on east to get a backpack. Go though the door to
get back to the curving stairs. Get back on the pillar and this time jump into
the north slime pool.

- Go to the northwest passage, ignore the rad suit for now and flip the switch
next to it. Follow the passage north until you get to another switch.  Flip it
to open a secret room in another location.  Return the way you came, collect
the radiation suit and head north.

- Take the armour vest and carry on north to collect a soul sphere.  As you
pick it up a secret door will open.  This takes you back to the room you
started in. Return to the pillar and continue west past it through a door. 
Take the lift up to the next room and collect all the items.  If you flipped
the switch north of the slime pool you can get a chainsaw. Return to the pillar
and go up the north corridor.

- Go northwest to a lift, ride up to collect a red key.  Go back down and a
room of monsters will attack you as you walk past the pillar.  Now go all the
way back to the room you started in, the red security door is just west of it.
Go through and take the blue key.  Go back out and head south, keep going until
you reach a monster north of the blue security door. Go to the east wall and
locate a secret door.  This will take you into the courtyard where you can
collect some items.  Now return and go through the blue door and go up the
stairs.  Go down the southwest passage, press the switch and return the way you
came. Go right at the curved stairs and the door you just opened up with the
switch leads to the Exit.

Level 8: Phobos Anomaly

- First arm your Rocket launcher then flip the switch.  When the lift comes to
a halt.  Fire ahead and the barrels should explode taking many monsters out. 
Mop up the rest and then walk east.  Inside the room is a computer map and some
other stuff.  Go north down the stairs, near the bottom on the right is a
secret door.  Open it to get a soul sphere.  Go through the north door and
collect all the stuff in the various alcoves.  Go north, flip a switch and go
up in the elevator.

- When you get to the top two barons of Hell will jump out at you.  Make sure
you can hit them with at least five rockets each. There are items at each point
of the star that can help you out.  When they are dead, go north and flip a
switch, climb the stairs and exit via the teleport.

Level 9: Deimos Anomaly

- Collect everything in the room and get the blue key at the end of the
corridor.  Go west and use the teleport to warp to the northwest corner. After
you have teleported move down the corridor and to the switch on the wall. 
Press it to reveal a hidden panel with two switches.  Press the west-facing
switch to open a secret room to the north.  Go there and collect them red key
ten return and press the east-facing switch to reveal a teleporter in the room
you began in.

- Go back to the room you started off in and use the new teleport.  You'll end
up in a room with a plasma gun.  Use the teleport there and go north then west
and use the teleport.  Go back to the switch panel and take the teleport in the
northwest corner to a new area. There is an alcove with two skull switches
inside.  Press the one on the east wall and use the hidden teleport to reach a
corridor full of items.  Teleport back to the skull switches and press the
south skull.

- This lowers a platform in the corridor.  Go through the red security door and
get the armour vest and computer map.  Go through the blue security door and
use the teleport.  Press the switch on the west wall to raise some hidden
stairs.  Press the second to reveal another teleporter in the southwest corner.
 Use this to reach the final teleport on the level.  Use it and finally walk
into the wall ahead of you and it will lower, to reveal the Exit.  Beware there
is a Cacodemon waiting there as well.

Level 10: Containment Area

- Go to the switch on the east wall to lower the shotgun shells.  Explore the
warehouse area to find some armour vests and ammo packs.  There are boxes
stacked into small stairs you can climb to get more stuff.  Head to the
southern exit and keep going until you get to a switch that opens a door
nearby. Go through it and follow the left wall to get the blue key.  Open a
secret door in the northeast corner to find a soul sphere.

- Carry on north down the stairs and go trough the blue security door.  Go
through the next one to the east and take the red key.  Go through the red door
into the southwest corner of the level.  There are lots of monsters on the way.
 Go through the door and press the switch to create a drawbridge to the Exit
(Leave now or stay and collect all the items/secrets).  Go northeast to the two
pillars and press the skull switch one to get the Plasma gun from the other.

- GO west, north, west to get an armour vest then go to the northeast room. 
Get the yellow key and backpack.  Flip the three switches on the three pillars
to open three connected rooms.  Get all the items and then go to the yellow
security door in the north section.  Go through the door to pick up the
chaingun, and then return to the Exit in the southwest corner.

Level 11: Refinery

- Enter the west room and run to the southwest corner and take the chaingun. 
Collect the armour vest and ammo packs and kill everything.  Exit and go south
to a pen full of cacodemons.  Go behind the pen and through the southeast door.
 Carry on down the corridor to the false wall in the Northeast corner.  Open it
and grab the weapon in the secret room.  Exit the room and go west to a pink

- There is a secret door in the south wall, open it and destroy all the
monsters within.  Get the armour vest and go west, take the shotgun from the
pedestal. Continue walking west until you reach a red lava pool in the
southwest corner. Quickly run through it and up the stairs and get the plasma
gun.  Carry on up until you get to a ledge.  Shoot all the monsters and drop
down into the room and grab the blue key.

- Exit through the east door and continue to a crossroads. Keep going north and
kill the monsters, go south to kill anything left in the southwest corner. 
When everything is dead, carry on east.

- Go through the blue security door and go south through the flashing corridor
into the open room.  Walk north through the darkened room with the pillars
until you reach the slime lake.  Around the corner, southeast is a rad suit and
there is a soul sphere hidden away in alcove on the far-eastern side.  Collect
both and hurry back to the slime lake pillars.  Exit to the north and follow
the corridor around the lever exit.

Level 12: Deimos Lab

- Press the south wall to enter a secret room with a shotgun in it. Collect it
then come back out.  Use the teleporter to warp to a room on the far eastern
side of the lab area.  Go north to the elevator and press C to lower it.  Get
on and go up at the top go north.  Search around the right side of the pillars
to find a skull switch.  The pillars will descend and you can get the computer
map and armour vest.  Go get them but careful of the Cacodemon and other
nasties behind them.

- Return south and take a passage that leads west across some slime. Carry on
until you reach the far western wall.  Now go south through the door.  Kill the
monster and press the button to ride up and get the blue key. .  Press button
to lower the wall and walk east.  Follow the corridor until you reach a narrow
bridge with a rad suit on the opposite side.  Jump down on the south side of
the bridge and take the exit, which leads east and north back to the circle of
slime.  Follow the slime north and you'll get to a platform with an armour

- Go into the passage directly across the river to the north.  Kill all the
demons and get the Rad suit.  Go back to the river and follow it to the passage
leading west. Then take the first passage going right and then right again. 
Shoot the wall to reveal a secret room with a chaingun inside.  Now go into the
room to the west and then north to the blue security door.  Don't go through
just yet. Carry on west and south to get a backpack.  Now go back to the
Security door and go through it.  Collect the yellow key and kill what's
lurking there.  Press the skull switch.

- Go through the yellow security door and into a circular hallway.  Turn left
and then take the first right.  Get on the lift and drop down a level.  Go to
the middle of the room and pick up the soul sphere to activate a secret door.
Go south through the door and into a slime pool.  Run northeast to the alcove
and press the skull button to raise a bridge. Get on the teleporter and return
to the circular room.

- Head north to the skull button in the northwest room, press it then run to
the north elevator before it rises.  When you reach the top turn right and
follow the circle to the eastern edge.  Press and open the false wall and
collect the plasma gun.  Return to the central control room using the teleport.
 Go to the northwest room and get on the lift again.  Turn right and follow the
circle that way until you reach the first left.  Take it.

- Now there are a group of doors, so enter the far right one first.  Pick up
the armour vest and trigger the door on the far left.  There are items behind
the middle door; taking them will trigger the two doors either side that are
full of monsters. Kill them and then go though the northeast door, then to the
south room, then through a narrow corridor to the east full of Lost Souls. 
Return to the group of doors and use the elevator to return to the circular
area.  Go to the southern end and use the teleporter.  Go south across the
bridge and though the door.  Cross another bridge to collect a Soul Sphere then
leave via the level Exit Door.

Level 13: Command Centre
- Command Centre.  Actually this is a pretty easy level once you acquire a
certain item.  First clear the room you start in of enemies then explore the
secret rooms to the east and west.  Each one has some shotgun shells and a few
imps. Next take the stairs in the NW corner.  First explore the east room then
go south into a huge room with a Computer Map and a Chain Gun.
- Once you have the computer map all the secrets will show up on the Automap
and you can navigate the level using this now.  No keys are required so explore
each room carefully and conserve ammo, then when you are done head for the exit
in the NE corner.

Level 14: Halls of the Damned

- First fight your way to the next room to the east.  You'll see a big Skull
Button, so press it and return to the room you started in.  You'll see a secret
passageway has now opened up.  Follow the passage around until you reach a
slime pool.  Go north into the courtyard and press another Skull Button to
access a Berserk Pack.  When you pick it up you'll activate a hidden passageway
to the east.   Go down the passage and flip the switch there.  Another hidden
passage opens up to the blue security door.  Now you need to go find the blue

- Go through the door next to the blue door and a take the second passage on
the left (you can get the key by going down the first passage, but that also
unleashes a ton of monsters).  So go down the second passage and press the
skull switch.  The monsters pens will open, but now you have a wall between you
and them.  Shoot them through the slot in the wall. When they are all dead,
collect the blue key then go to the SW pen and press the wall to find a

- Go west and then north down the corridor.  You'll see two large openings, but
ignore them for now.  Continue North and you'll see three doors, explore the
rooms behind them, then return to the openings.  Enter either one to go into
the SW maze.

- Explore the maze to find an armour vest, go through a door to the southern
half of the maze to find the Red Key in the SW corner and a Plasma Gun in the
SE corner.  Now go out of the maze and head north again.
- Go though one of the twin doors in the NW room and you'll see the Yellow Key.
 When you take it be prepared for an assault from lots of Lost Souls.  Kill
them all then head all the way back to the blue security door.  Now you have
all the keys you can open all the doors that lead to the level exit.

Level 15: Spawning Vats
- Open the door and head down the hallway.  Take the first door on the western
wall and you'll find a chaingun on the top of the stairs.  Collect it and go
down the stairs until you find a lift.  Ride up it and follow the passage to
get to the Yellow Key.

- Return to the hallways you started in and follow it until you reach a room
with a lava pit in the middle.  There is an invincibility item nearby that you
can collect to make killing the Baron of Hell easier.  Now head east from the
lava pit until you reach the Exit, which you can't get to yet.

- Open the door nearby to the east and go north.  Keep going until you reach
the final door on the east wall.  Open it and go south to the Yellow Security
door.  Open it and go south to the door on the west wall.  Go through and head
west to an alcove.  Press the Skull switch and take the Red Key.

- Go all the way back to the room with the Exit.  Open the North door and press
the skull buttons inside it.  This activates a bridge and now you can get to
the Exit.

Level 16: Tower of Babel

- Pick up the amour vest and soul sphere.  Jump down to the floor and go though
either large door.  Go south and get the plasma gun.  Ill the demons and run
into the courtyard.  Push all six skull buttons as they appear.  Each time you
press a button monsters appear that you need to deal with.  After you push the
first button the large doors to the north reopen so if you are in trouble, go
back and pick up a rocket launcher that appears.  Now press the other five
buttons, the sixth button leads to the exit.

Level 17: Hell Keep

- Walk north, go through the door and head west.  Kill the Imps and carry on
west to the red wall, then go north up the stairs.  Walk out onto a ledge and
press the skull button.  Now go east and collect the red key.  Run west and
shoot any monsters that rush you.  Now go back to the first room and go through
the east door.

- Go up the north stairs and go through the red security door.  Use the
teleport.  Go south along the catwalk until you find the blue key.  Jump off
the platform and go west then south up the stairs. Go east to the blue security
door and go through. Carry on south up the stairs to a platform with the yellow
key on it.  Collect it and go to the northeast corner of the courtyard.  Press
the skull switch to open a door to the west.  Go west and though the yellow
security door to the level exit.

Level 18: Pandemonium

- Walk north to the stairs.  Press the skull switch then follow the stairs
west, then north.  Soon you will reach a skull-covered ledge.  Walk over onto
the platform on the north side of the ledge to open up a secret room.  Go in
the room and get the computer map.  Go down the stairs and through the
cross-shaped door.  Go into the next room and up the stairs to collect the blue
key.  Now go to the blue security door in the northeast corner and exit the

Level 19: House of Pain

- Go south to the teleport.  Use it and head west.  Follow the corridor as it
winds south, southeast, and east.  At the end is the Blue Key.  Take it and
then go west and northeast up the next corridor to the blue door.  Go through
and carry on north through the next door.  Carry on north until you see a door
leading west.  Go through and keep on west until you see a demon carved on the
wall.  Open the secret door here to get the red key and a soul sphere.  Now
retrace your path back to the blue security door..  Open the red door to the
east and go to the north door.  Jump in the blue ooze to open the door and run
through it before it closes.  Go to the northeast corner to a small stairwell
get the yellow key and open the yellow door to the east to find the level exit.

Level 20: Unholy Cathedral

- Go through the west door into the Cathedral.  In the first chamber push on
the west wall to find a secret room.  Go north to the column room and take the
first door on the left.  There is a large alcove on the west side of the room
with a plasma gun and soul sphere in it.  Press the skull switch to open the
door, exit and go north.  Kill the lurking cacodemons and take the west door of
the two to the north.  Turn right and kill the demon then move west across the
small slime pool to open the door to a larger slime pool area.

- Go along the east wall and press the spot between two Y shaped marks to open
a secret room with a rad suit inside. Kill the demons and imps and take the
north teleport to the middle of the central courtyard. Go into the Cacodemon
pen and get the yellow key.  Look around for a flame window and push the wall
underneath it to get a chainsaw and soul sphere. Collect all the health and
ammo in the courtyard then go to the flashing teleport in the northwest corner.

- This takes you to a teleporter in the northeast corner of the cathedral. Take
the west door and go north then west until you get to an archway.  Go through
it to open the north silver door. Carry on into the North room.  There are
three skull buttons and a teleport.  The southeast button opens secret doors in
the east and west corridors, giving access to the Rocket Launcher amongst other
things.  The northeast button give you access to the blue key in the northwest
corridor and the northwest button lowers the chaingun in the north corridor. 
The teleporter sends you back to the northeast room.

- After you get all the stuff use the teleport and take the south door.  Open
the blue security door and you'll see the Exit.  Use it now or stick around for
the rest of the secrets and all the monsters to kill.

- Go through the door on the right and you'll find a room full of monsters. 
Run to the corridor going east and press the button.  You'll get the BFG 9000
so pick it up and turn around and blast away the chasing monsters.  Press the
skull switch to raise the wall behind south door and leave.  Take the corridor
south to the southeast slime pit.  Cross it and go to the southwest corner. 
Use the teleporter to go to the middle of the courtyard, go to the west pen and
get the Invulnerability powerup.

Open the final two pens by leaving the courtyard and taking first the northwest
teleport.  Exit via the west door and go into the corridor.  Open the south
door and use the northeast teleport.  Then take the northwest teleporter again.
Exit via the south door into the corridor, go down and through the west door
onto the southeast teleport.  Mop up the remaining monsters and go back to the
Exit teleport, use it to finish the level.

Level 21: Mt. Erebus

- Go to the south platform at the end of the narrow bridge.  Collect all the
items and run over to the stairs in the northwest. Go up the stairs and go
collect all the weapons below, Rocket launcher, Chain Gun and Shotgun.  There
is also an invulnerability artefact against the wall.  Don't forget it.  Go
east to the horseshoe shaped building.  You'll open up to monster pens either
side.  Go back to the southern building and kill all the monsters.  Then carry
onto the eastside of the level and go to the oval shaped building.

- Use the teleporters to collect items on the outside of the building.  Then go
to the large central building. Kill all the caged Imps and then go inside. 
Clear the room and open the secret door on the northeast wall to get an energy
cell.  Open the southwest secret door to find a teleporter.  Use it to end up
near a large square building.  Go in via the east entrance and kill all the
monsters in the pens.  Use switches to open the pens and collect a yellow and
blue security cards.

- Use it to open a yellow security door in the north of the building.  Then
enter the teleport there to return to the main area.  Go to the north most
building and look for a small corridor.  Enter it and open the blue security
door.  Use the teleport to Exit the level.

Level 22: Limbo

- At the start turn and open the south door and you'll find a backpack.  Now go
north to a big slime lake and turn left.  Keep going west through a passage and
then south.  Keep going southeast until you find the blue key sat in the
corner.  Take it and return to the slime lake.  Now follow the walkway east to
a room with two blue security doors. Go through the south door.

- There is a skull switch sat in s mall niche in the wall to the north.  Press
it to lower the false wall to the southeast.  Press the skull switch in the
southeast corner which will raise a bridge back at the slime pool.  Go back and
through the other blue security door.  Go north and take a rad suit when you
come to one. Now go east.  Northeast you'll find some rockets and in a trench
south of the rockets you'll find the BFG 9000.  There is a teleport, but don't
use it just yet.

Go south and collect the red key, then go though the red security door ahead.
Press the skull switch to open all teleporters with Red Security doors.  Now go
back to the teleport near where you got the BFG.  Use it to teleport to the
southwest corner of the map.  Go north to the window and snipe at the Lost
Souls until they are all gone. Press the skull button to raise bridge two rooms
to the west. Go back to the central slime lake and go north, go straight to the
western pillar and use the teleport.  You'll find yourself on a ledge
overlooking a slime pool in Limbo's northwest area.  Press the skull button to
raise the bridge the other side of the pool.  Use the teleporter and then go to
the eastern pillar.

- Teleport to another ledge and collect the Yellow key.  Now go back to the
teleport on the island in the main slime lake.  Use it and cross the bridge and
open the Yellow Security door.  Press the skull switch to raise another bridge
that connects to the exit. Go back to the central slime lake and go west then
north to the next teleporter.  Use it and go through the door, walk straight
ahead and go though the exit.

Level 23: Dis

Last level, and it's a toughie.  The level isn't very big or hard to navigate,
it's sort of an octagon shape with chambers around the edge, but it's stuffed
with Cacodemons and two nasty barons of Hell.

My advice is do not try and duke it out with the Barons, when the level begins
grab the armour vest nearby (left) and run for the door. Now your in the big
hall with the Cacodemons, keep your finger held down on the fire button and
work your way around the room collecting refills and health as you go.

If your lucky the Barons of Hell will have followed you in and will start a
punch up with some of the cacodemons.  Whatever happens, open the secret door
and push the skull switch.  Take the blue key and open the blue door. Get the
red key and open the red door, and finally grab the yellow key and open the
yellow door.  Walk onto the teleporter and that's it, end of game.

Sit back and watch the very weedy end sequence.  Think yourself lucky endings
are better nowadays!

Level 24: Military Base (Secret Level)

(You access this level from level 3: see level guide above)

- Walk forwards and kill all the Imps in the cage, then walk down the passage
to the east room. Walk into the light area by the east wall and you'll drop
down into a slime pool below.  Shoot the Imps on top of the pillars and then
collect the security armour. Go back up the lift to the east room and use the
lift in the southwest corner.  Collect all the items them go back to the Imp
cage in the courtyard.

- Now head to the west room and get the yellow key.  Go north to the northwest
room has a pentagram in it).  Collect the rocket launcher and then open either
of the two yellow security doors that lead into the southeast room.  Kill
everything and get the red key.  Now go west to the red security door on the
southwest room.  Kill the monsters and go to the alcove in the southwest
corner. Blow up the barrels and flip the switch to open a secret passage.

- This passage opens up around the corner but also releases some demons.  Kill
them and get the blue key in the south room.  Go north to the blue security
door and open it.  You're now in the north room.  Kill all that's inside and
then push on the east wall until you find a secret passage.  Go down it until
you reach a room full of pillars.  The pillar at the far end lowers when you
get to the bottom of the stairs, so run at it before it rises back up again. 
Run clockwise from pillar to pillar collecting the items.  Then return to the
north room.

- Jump in the slime pool and head west.  Keep running though the pool until you
reach a platform.  Walk onto it and a secret door opens up in the wall across
the pool and some Imps appear.  Kill them and flip the switch to raise a hidden
bridge to the Exit. Get off the platform then back on again to open the west
wall, run through it and use the lift.  Cross the bridge and flip the switch to
end the level.  You're next level will be level 4.

***************************** 6) CHEATS *********************************


GOD MODE:  Also known as Invincibility!  Press the Pause button to pause the
game.  Now hold down the * (asterisk) button.  Keep it held down and press
pause again.  Now when the game starts up again your fella's eyes will have
turned yellow.  You are impervious to any damage!

VERY HAPPY AMMO MODE: Press the Pause button and then hold down #.  Keep # held
down and press pause again.  When the game restarts you have full health, all
armour, keys, weapons and full ammo.  Time to wreak havoc!

LEVEL SELECT: Press the pause button to pause the game.  Now hold down the
number of the level you wish visit on the keypad and keep it held as you press
pause again.  Now you'll warp to the beginning of that level.  To many levels
and not enough keys on the keypad?  Never fear, here are the buttons to use.

LEVELS 1-9: Just press and hold the relevant number
LEVEL 10: Hold the A Button
LEVELS 11-19: Hold the A Button and the relevant one on the keypad (eg. Level
16 Hold A and 6)
LEVEL 20: Hold the B button
LEVEL 21-21: Hold the B button and the relevant one on the keypad.


Well I suggest you try and complete the game once without using the cheats. 
But once you have they can come in handy for some fun game play challenges!

Challenge 1: Activate the HAPPY AMMO and GOD MODE CHEAT.  See how quickly you
can take out all the enemies in the Unholy Cathedral Level using just your
Pistol and Chainsaw.

Challenge 2:  Activate GOD MODE.  See how quickly you can complete the Toxin
Refinery level with just your fists, and no (extra) cheating you must have at
least 75% kills at the end of the level.

Challenge 3:  My favourite!  Activate GOD MODE and warp off to Dis.  Now take
on first the two Barons of Hell and then The Cacodemons with your bare hands. 
You must kill them all! Bwahahahahahaha!

Challenge 4: No cheats codes for this, this is a test of your dodging and
running skills.  See how far you can get without killing anything!  Not a
single shot, you kill % should be a big fat zero.

***************** 7) JAGUAR DOOM VS. OTHER VERSIONS  ********************
The Jaguar Doom has several big differences from the original PC version and
other console ports of the game.  Here is a reasonably comprehensive list.

- No in game music
- Easy entry of cheat codes
- Happy Ammo cheat gives ALL weapons 500 rounds
- Numbered pad makes weapon selection an easier process than the weapon
rotation of other console conversions.
- Only seven monsters.  The game is missing the Spectre Demon, CyberDemon,
Spider Mastermind.
- Is missing some items and level features.  No Blur Artefacts or light
amplification visors.  No crushing ceilings in certain levels
- Health Potions add 2% (instead of 1% in PC version) to health.
- Slime is more damaging than in other versions.
- Has two levels not found on PC version although they share the same names.
"Hell Keep" and "Tower of Babel".
- The Jaguar "Dis" Level is completely different from the PC "Dis" level.  It
actually looks more like the PC "Fortress of Mystery Level"
- Jaguar version has 24 levels as opposed to the PC versions 27.
- Games in progress cannot be saved.  But players can jump to any previously
played level without needing to enter level passwords.
- Game moves quickly and smoothly and is superior to all console versions
except the PSX version.

Feel fee to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
My email is falsehead@aol.com

(Blatant plug: check out my games website at www.kungfuhamster.cjb.net for
loads of info on Martial Arts, Beat 'em Ups, Kung Fu Movies and Pokemon!)

Thanks to all at www.gamefaqs.com for being such a laugh, and giving me the
push to actually start contributing my own work.

Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Pat Uhler, totalstuff and
Andy78787, fakeplasticmanatree, bloomer, sashanan, ASchultz, MaxH and
Ken Masters. For inspiration, encouragement, suggestions and being the people
who make gaming even more fun than it is.

***************************** THE END *********************************