FAQ/Walkthrough by Anonymous

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Doctor Hauzer

Control Translation [Japanese import]

   + The d-pad controls the movements:
        o d-left: rotate left.
        o d-right: rotate right.
        o d-up: walk forward.
        o d-down: walk backward.
   + A: action - search, take, use, whatever.
   + B:
   + C: run - a little faster than walk.
   + L-SHIFT: change views. Toggle between three viewing modes:
       1. 3rd person cinema view; author has selected camera angle.
       2. 1st person out-the-eyeball view (ala Doom).
       3. Overhead map view.
   + R-SHIFT is the "rotate" mode: While the r-shift button is depressed,
     you can turn your head, look up/down without changing your
     position/facing. In the 3rd person view, you watch the characters head
     move around. In the 1st person "eyeball" view, you can use this feature
     to look up/down.
   + Play/Pause: Brings up inventory/menu. Unfortunately, all of the text is
     in Japanese, but you can still get the basic idea.
        o Up/down to move through inventory items.
        o left/right to look at a textual (katakana) description of the
          selected item.
        o A: use pictured item. Hint: the book that you start out with is
          where you can save/restore games.
        o d-left and d-right: Switch between inventory / text description of
        o d-up and d-down: Scroll through inventory items.

   BTW, the view switching is IMO one of the best features of the game.
   Certain camera angles that are selected for you can be somewhat limiting;
   changing views allows you to see as much of each room as possible.

                            SPOILER FOLLOWS:
Hint: in the second (living?) room, there is a key located inside of the
grandfather clock. When you take the key out, the room shakes a bit and there
is some strange animation that shows the camera zooming away from the room. I
have no idea what the hell this means, but the key is necessary to go on.
I have not solved this one yet, so don't go asking for more hints because I
probably will not know the answer. Good luck, and happy adventuring!

 1. Wait 5 seconds for SHANDALIER to drop
 2. Exit room
 3. Collect `WHITE KEY' from Grandfather Clock
 4. Open directly opposite door over other side of room with `WHITE KEY'
 5. Enter second door
 6. Remove `FLOWERS' from Varse 1
 7. Plant `FLOWERS' in Varse 2
 8. Collect `WHITE KEY' from Bed
 9. Enter next room through the Flower Picture
 10. Collect `GREEN BOOK' from Desk near door
 11. Collect `RED KEY' from Dressing Table up room
 12. Collect `FLOOR MAP' from 3rd Wardrobe
 13. Exit room via Door
 14. Run to end of Corridor and press `A' on Red Machine
 15. Exit via running over old floor and Door
 16. Enter Double Doors near GrandFather Clock using `RED KEY'
 17. Push Table (End First) towards other wall (!! This sets a switch and
       allows back doors to be opened !!)
 18. Pull Cubboard down side of the room and exit through Door
 19. Run up Passage as soon as you can and enter the Side Entrance
 20. Enter Front facing Door to get into Kitchen 2
 21. Collect `ORANGE KEY' from 3rd Cubboard
 22. Collect `KNIFE' from 3rd Cubboard on other Wall
 23. Collect `PETROL CAN' from off the floor by the Red Table
 24. Exit Room
 25. Enter Door to get into Kitchen 1
 26. Push Table up room towards Cubboard 4 Squares then across Hole
 27. Walk across Table, and collect `AXE' from Side Facing cubboard door
 28. Exit room
 29. Go back down Corridor to the next Door on the opposite side, and Enter
       the Door using the `ORANGE KEY' to get to Dining Room
 30. Collect `CANDLE STICKS' off Giant Table
 31. Collect `WOOD' from off the FirePlace (!! This makes holes and floor in
       parts disappear !!)
 32. Jump over all holes and then Exit the room
 33. Enter next Door up on same side as Exit Door (StairCase's) (!! 3 Giant
       Spikes will come from under the Floor to block you !!)
 34. Enter Door on the Left 1/3, And go to very Bottom Bookshelves
 35. Collect `CIGARETTE LIGHTER' from 1st Bookshelf
 36. Collect `CROW BAR' from next Bookselve's bottom Bookshelf
 37. Walk up to First Bookshelves, Collect `SHOTGUN' from 1st Bookshelf
 38. Enter opposite Bookshelf (!! You now go down a underground hole using a
       Ladder !!)
 39. Collect `RED BOOK' from 5th Bookcase round
 40. Collect `RED BOOK' from 1st Bookcase over other side (Back/Middle)
 41. Collect `GREEN BOOK' from Desk near Air Vent
 42. Collect `AIR VENT' off Wall, Collect `PAPER' off Table
 43. Exit room via First Bookshelf on other side of Red Book one! (!! You now
       go up a underground hole using a Ladder !!)
 44. Remove boards off Entrance up Top Left Corner using `CROWBAR'
 46. Go down Corridor and open boarded style Door
 47. Collect `GREEN BOOK' from 1st Bookshelf
 48. Stand by Bed looking towards the Green Light and use `SHOTGUN'
 49. Enter Door back into Hallway behind the Spikes now!
 50. Press `A' at Dead Body on the ground and collect `RED KEY'
 51. Now enter next Door using `RED KEY' and dodge the big cutters
 52. Open the Brown Box and collect the `WOODEN KEY' and Exit room
 53. Use `WOODEN KEY' and enter Door round corner
 54. Look at the Picture on the wall by pressing `A' activating the switch
 55. Walk (DONT RUN) across Hole in Floor along Picture side
 56. Open Door, Collect `ORANGE KEY' from 2nd bottom Bookself
 57. Collect `GREEN BOOK' off bottom table, now Exit
 58. Walk along opposite side of Hole and enter Door using `ORANGE KEY'
 59. Open First Cubboard near Painting (!! This fires the deadly GrandFather
       clock Dart into wall !!)
 60. Go back to Dart Clock Room and use `AXE' on the Orange Hook
 61. Open Painting on wall, and collect `PAINTING' from Cubboard
 62. Open 2nd door away from Painting, Collect `DYNAMITE'
 63. Exit Room, walk to side of Fireplace (top) and press `A' twice (!! You
 now go down a underground hole using a Ladder !!) (!! You then fall off the
 bottom of the Ladder into a !!)(!! New area with *WOW* new creepier music !!)
 64. Open Doors on Right, Collect `WHITE KEY' off Bodie, Exit Room
 65. Enter other Door, Plant Dynamite at far Front Wall, Use `CIGARETTE
       LIGHTER' upon the `DYNAMITE' and !!QUICKLY!! Exit the room.
 66. Enter Same Room Again, and go up to Wagon and press `A' (!! Watch yet
       more great graphics as you enter the tunnels !!)
 67. Use `WHITE KEY' the one next to `PAINTING' in inventory on Door (!!
       Marvel at some really nice graphics !!)
 68. As soon as intro has finished, Select `PAINTING' and then EyE ViEw and
 run forwardly (not 100%) towards the Face in Blue Beam. Once Close enough,
 the character you control will throw the PAINTING automatically into the
 bosses mouth.