• Level Password for Classic Shanghai

    These passwords are for arcade mode, Classic Shanghai

    Stage 1---
    Stage 10B7R
    Stage 11E0U
    Stage 12H3X
    Stage 13K6!
    Stage 14N90
    Stage 15Q23
    Stage 16T56
    Stage 17W89
    Stage 18Z1C
    Stage 19C4F
    Stage 2D33
    Stage 20F7I
    Stage 21I0L
    Stage 22L3O
    Stage 23O6R
    Stage 24R9U
    Stage 25U2X
    Stage 26X5!
    Stage 27A80
    Stage 28D13
    Stage 29G46
    Stage 3G66
    Stage 30J79
    Stage 4J99
    Stage 5M2C
    Stage 6P5F
    Stage 7S8I
    Stage 8V1L
    Stage 9Y4O

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

  • Level Passwords for Beijing

    These passwords are for Arcade Mode, Beijing

    Level 16V78
    Level 17Y0B
    Level 18B3E
    Level 19E6H
    Level 20H9K
    Level 21K2N
    Level 22N5Q
    Level 23Q8T
    Level 24T1W
    Level 25W4Z
    Level 26Z7.
    Level 27C02
    Level 28F35
    Level 29I68
    Level 30L9B
    Stage 1---
    Stage 10D9T
    Stage 11G2W
    Stage 12J5Z
    Stage 13M8.
    Stage 14P12
    Stage 15S45
    Stage 2F55
    Stage 3I88
    Stage 4L1B
    Stage 5O4E
    Stage 6R7H
    Stage 7U0K
    Stage 8X3N
    Stage 9A6Q

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

  • Level Passwords for The Great Wall

    These passwords are for arcade mode, The Great Wall

    Level 16U67
    Level 17X9A
    Level 18A2D
    Level 19D5G
    Level 20G8J
    Level 21J1M
    Level 22M4P
    Level 23P7S
    Level 24S0V
    Level 25V3Y
    Level 26Y6?
    Level 27B91
    Level 28E24
    Level 29H57
    Level 30K8A
    Stage 1---
    Stage 10C8S
    Stage 11F1V
    Stage 12I4Y
    Stage 13L7?
    Stage 14O01
    Stage 15R34
    Stage 2E44
    Stage 3H77
    Stage 4K0A
    Stage 5N3D
    Stage 6Q6G
    Stage 7T9J
    Stage 8W2M
    Stage 9Z5P

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

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