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"Twisted: The Game Show" for 3DO
Frequently Asked Questions:
Written by Kevin Falkowski (kevinfalkowski@rocketmail.com)

"Live, from the Palindrome, it's time to get TWISTED!"

Table of Contents

I: Story

II: Characters

III: Gameplay

IV: Minigames

V: Winning

VI: Oddities 

VII: Closer

I: Story

Well, if you've not bought it by now, you've got no idea.  You've never
once picked up a controller to play a quick game of Twisted with your
friends.  You've never laughed your head off at poorly done, low resolution
commercials.  You've never experienced the greatness of Twisted.

In the age of fighting games, shoot-em-ups, and lengthy RPGs, there's a big
market that's gone mostly unused...the party game.  Sure, there are a few
exceptions, but in comparison...there's no comparison.  This game is a must
have in the collection of anyone with friends, no doubt about it!

Twisted is a multiplayer board game/game show, in which you and up to three
friends try and make it to the top of the studio, known as the Palindrome.
Your game board is a giant helix, rising to the ceiling.  Your characters are
some of the nuttiest wackjob recects from late night television.  And your host?
Twink Fizzdale.  Yes, an amalgamation of all of the game show hosts of all time
rolled into one, and boy, can he make with the inane chatter!

The object is to get to the top, but you'll have plenty of competition as you
go, stopping along challenge squares, using bonus squares to get ahead, and feeling
the utter patheticness (if that IS even a word...but it works to describe the horror!)
of the dreaded "Bozo Square".  The reward for getting to the top?  Well, let's
put it in the words of announcer Ray Stewart, shall we?

"Well, Twink, our lucky winner will recieve a one way trip out of this TV wasteland 
into whatever the hell's on the other side of the screen!"

Simple enough?  Good.  Then let's get Twisted!

II: Characters

The characters in Twisted are funny.  That's what they were meant to be,
that's what they are!  There is honestly no reason to pick any one of them
over the other...none of them have any advantages, and none of them have any
disadvantages.  Oh, except for Wormington.  He has a dog.  It doesn't make
a DIFFERENCE, but it's something extra...anyways, here are the characters from
twisted, along with their introduction, and their first one-liner!

"He'll sell you the shirt off your back, he's the clunker king, he's..."

Wormington, and his dog, Otis!

"Come on down to Wormington's, where service...is a slogan!"

Face the facts people...Wormington is FUNNY!  And you know why?  There's a simple
phrase I always utter to my friends...it's funny because it's TRUE!  Have you ever
been up late, or for that matter, watching daytime talk shows, when all of a sudden,
here's this man...and he owns a used car lot!  And he's trying his hardest to get
you to come to this used car lot!  This IS every single one of those put into one.

"When she's not racing camels, or trading futures, she enjoys mind-reading, channeling, 
and vodka! She knows what you're thinking, she's..."

Madam Elaine!

"1-900-Elaine...I can read your mind...and you should be ashamed!"

Again, I say it's funny because it's true!  However, psychics these day have pretty
much become the "everywoman"...I say this not to be sexist, but basically because you
never see men hawking the powers of psychic services!  So Madam Elaine's a LITTLE
out of date...but hey, who isn't?

"Abandoned in a theatre and raised by ushers, he's a legend in his own mind! Put your
hands together for..."

Johnny Pow!

"Keep cool, Daddy-O!"

This guy's basically the result of the TV generation.  Well, except for the fact
that he was raised on movies!  But the ideal is the same!  A man among men, a stud
among muffins, Johnny Pow's the type of guy who tries real hard to be cool...and his
ideal of cool SLIGHTLY differs from that of today's society.  But hey, with a name
like Johnny Pow, you're ALREADY cool!  Okay, so maybe I'm not cool either...

"He'll save your soul and steal your wallet! Self appointed financial advisor to the
almighty, he's..."

Humble Howard!

"Eternal security, in the kingdom of Humble Howard!  Operators are standing by."

Ahh, Televangelists.  The jokes never end.  Yep...it's a televangelist!  And once again,
I must state...it's funny because it's true!  Simple as that.

"She's the star of "War Crimes Workout"! Admrial of aerobics, Sergeant of sweat, 
feel the burn, she's..."

Major Steele!

"You'll get fit, if it kills ya!"

Now, again, we know the stereotype from television...the woman who's so hell bent on
exercise that nothing else matters in life!  Of course, there's one small problem
with Major Steele...they forgot to make her funny!  Yeah, you can get a chuckle out
of her remarks that are straight out of a Tom Clancy/Denise Austin crossover, but
after the novelty wears off, you're left with a character that grates on your nerves,
and makes you want to change the channel.  Hey, I guess they DID hit the stereotype
right on!

"Friend of Popes and Presidents alike, he travels the world spreading love and tooth
decay! Short in stature, but long on flavor, he's...."

Uncle Fez!

"Give peace a chance...what do you say?"

Okay, you're new to this...when you see Uncle Fez for the first time, don't even TRY
to stifle the "WHAT THE?!" that is bound to leave you!  A completely CG animated, 3D,
Hindu accented...Pez dispenser?  Wearing a FEZ?  Now let me tell you, if you don't find
that hilarious, you might want to pop the CD out of your 3DO now...of all things the
people who worked on Twisted could do, they brought a pop culture icon to life.  A
Pez dispenser.  And is it hilarious?  You bet!

And now that we've met our contestants, let's move on, shall we?

III: Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, each player must pick a character.  After the
character is picked, a picture of them will appear in a beaker as you choose...

<music crescendo>


Okay, so it's not that big a deal.  But if you choose "None", no trivia squares will
EVER appear on the Matrix for your character.  If you choose "Child", trivia squares
will appear, but they will be of a very simple nature, and you will only have to
answer one.  If you choose "Adult", you will get trivia squares on the Matrix, and they
will be of different categories depending on the picture.  Again, you will only have
to answer one.  But if you choose "Expert", HERE'S where it gets interesting!  You'll
have all the trivia topics available on the Matrix during play, AND you'll have to
answer three in a row to win!  Considering how hard the trivia can be, you'll want to
think twice about choosing this if you want to win!

The Game Board

The Helix is made of of 90 steps.  Your job is to climb up them all!  Sounds simple, eh?
Well, there's a slight problem...they're different kinds of squares all the way up!
You've got challenge squares, bonus squares, the ever dreaded "Bozo Square", and the
even MORE dreaded "Wheel of Torture"!  But, make it to the top first, and you've won!

The Cyber-Die

This is the equivalent of rolling a six sided die (or a D6 for all you hardcore D&Ders)
and moving how many squares you roll.  Lights flash behind numbers on the board, and
you have a certain amount of time in which to press the button, and stop them.  Three
rows of 0-2 each have one number chosen from them, then you move.  What happens if you
get three zeroes, you say?  See Section VI for those answers!

Squares of the Helix

There are four different types of squares on the Helix.  There are yellow "Challenge
Squares", in which you then play a dangerous game of strategy with an opponent to decide
your fate, there are green "Bonus Squares", in which you get to move again, red "Bozo
Squares", in which you lose a turn, and the purple, dreaded "Wheel of Torture"!  The
Challenge Squares and Wheel of Torture will be explained in Section IV!

Winning Minigames

If you win a minigame, you are allowed to continue rolling the Cyber-Die.  If you lose,
however, your turn's over!

IV: Minigames

Ready to test your skill?  Your knowledge?  Your ability to put up with the
harassment of your friends when you just can't figure out that easy puzzle?
Then you're ready for the challenge!  When you land on a challenge square, an
opponent will be picked at random.  A grid of nine squares will appear (the grid
is called "The Matrix"), each square having a picture to denote a different minigame.  
The opponent must choose a row at random, and you must then choose a column!  Whatever 
lies at those coordinates are your future!

Triple Threat Trivia

There are several different topics in Trivia:

Science and Technology
Sports and Recreation
Arts and Entertainment
Geography and Travel
Pop Culture

Choose one you're good with, and you just might survive!

Supermarket Highrise

This one's a memory tester!  The elevator will take you to the top of the Supermarket
Highrise, where they'll show you a group of 12 supermarket items!  They are then taken
away, and you are shown three different items...it's up to you to choose which one was
actually in the lineup!

Departure Lounge

Okay, it's true...I've been known to try for this one just because I dig that piano
music!  Now, you'll be shown a picture on the screen of the Departure Lounge...then all
the tiles (9 in all) will be rotated...and you have to rotate them until the picture
looks just like it did before!  And remember...JUST like it did before!

Sound Bites

Every time I get this, it cracks me up badly!  Not only is the kazoo version of "Hail
To The Chief" a hoot, but hearing all these Presidents making all these noises...it's
hilarious!  Your job is to match up President's sounds!  Simple, but you've only got 30

Twin Peeks

Another matching game, only this time, with pictures!  You've got to open doors and
windows, and match up the pictures behind them!  If you match them all in 30 seconds, 
you win!

Mystery Matinee

In the Mystery Matinee, they're always playing a cheesy black and white movie...only
problem is, it's always scrambled!  Your job is to pick up a tile, and put it down
where it belongs...then you'll pick up the tile that was just in that spot, and have
to put it where it belongs!  It's not too hard, but it can get you if you're slow!


What's the number one scourge of every television viewer in America?  No, it's not
Kathy Lee Gifford...wait a minute...okay, what's the number TWO scourge of every TV
viewer in America?  That's right, commercials!  Watch the TV screens, which are all
playing the same program.  When a commercial comes up (you can tell, because it's
different than what everything else is playing), move the cursor over that TV, and
zap it, turning it back to our regularly scheduled program!  Don't let commercials
get 5 seconds of airtime, or you'll lose!

There's also a 3DO logo that pops in for an instant...zap that, and you'll win

Face Lift Salon

This one's a hoot!  There are three rows of pictures...you have to turn them so that
the heads are all matched up!  This one will DEFINITELY cause some laughs...even AFTER
it's solved!

Wheel of Torture

The Wheel of Torture...a dastardly device indeed!  Ingenious in it's evil, and mind
boggling in it's escape...watch for three like symbols to match up at the top of the
wheel...hit the button then, and you'll be freed!  A tone will sound at the same time,
so use that as a reference!  Match them, and you'll be set free!  Miss them, and you'll
be set to spin for another round!

V: Winning

Winning is a simple thing in Twisted....be the first to get to the top of
the Helix, and you're whisked away to that magical land...the magical land on
the other side of the television!  Well, it's not so magical to US...but come on!
If you lived in a world of Humble Howards and Wormingtons, you'd be dying to get
out, too!

When you reach the top, Twink and his lovely assistant Anna will be there to
congratulate you!  Your character then jumps through a giant TV screen, and ends
up in "whatever the hell's on the other side"!  Watch, and enjoy!

VI: Oddities

There are some things in this game that defy normal explanation...and here, I'll try
explain them! (to no avail, of course)

Big Zero!

Of course, the way the Cyber-Die is set up, there's always a chance of getting three
zeroes...what happens then?  Well, it's simple!  The Big Zero!  You'll win a prize,
courtesy of our friends at Twisted!  Now how's THAT for gratuity?

This square is occupado!

There's a simple ruling in the Palindrome...you can't land on an occupied square!  If you
do, you're lucky...you get to roll again!


Every so often, while climbing the Palindrome, Twink'll throw the cameras to a
commercial....hey, in TV Land, you've got to make time for sponsors!  Keep an eye
out for these...they're so cheap, so cheesy, so crappy...you can't HELP but laugh!

Game Adjustment

An interesting side note to the game...if you fail at a game, the next time you get that
game, it'll be easier!  Of course, if you do WELL in a game, the next time, it'll be
harder!  It adjusts to your skill level!  Neat, eh?

VII: Closer

Well, I'm at the end of another FAQ...and most people will ask, "Why did
you do a FAQ for THIS game?  It's old, it's behind the time, and it's for
a dead system!"  Well, there's a simple answer.  Because I LOVE this game!

Out of the entire collection I have, this still remains one of my favorites...it's
always a great little something to pull out at parties!  Of course, there's not a
whole lot of mystery and intrigue to this game...not a lot of questions to answer...but
I hope that maybe, if enough people become interested in this type of game, maybe
they'll start making them again!  Well, hey, a guy can hope, can't he?

As always, if you've got any corrections, any additions, or anything of the sort,
go ahead and send them to me at "kevinfalkowski@rocketmail.com"!  Or, hey, you can
just drop a line to say hello, or that you read the FAQ!  Either way, I'll see you
next FAQ!