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Bottom screen?

I've been playing flor some time now but I can't seem to find a way to put the artes on the bottom screen during battle

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dragonite241992 answered:

Actually, in my game, you can change it during battle. The arte menu is exactly the same, but there's no good indication how to acces shortcuts. The same thing applies to cooking, that took me almost the whole game to realise.
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dragonite241992 answered:

Go to the artes menu for your controlled character. press down, and you get the shortcut screen. You can assign them to the manual control scheme of that character, but remember, it works for that character only. However, it remember the sets for each character you set shortcuts to, so it's all well.
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DarthRediculus answered:

You can't change them DURING battle, dude :). Only when you're not fightin'. Same as what dragonite said. for the artes, go to the menu and choose artes, playing character and select from the list. Bob's your uncle and all that. Happy gaming!
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