Question from Leaf2049

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I make lightining come out of my blade again?

I have tried multiple times with no luck. Can someone help? Ive see Tear drop circles but when im in the circle nothing but the same b attack happens.

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From: Darkfox1 3 years ago

If your talking about FOF circles then have tear put wind FOF circles. Then when the circle is glowing GREEN use Fang Blade the FOF will turn it into Lighting Tiger Blade.

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Unless you have a Sunlight Chamber equipped to that specific spell/ability, it will only activate when the FOF circle is 'colored', which shows that the fonons are highly dense. Using a Sunlight Chamber allows use of FOF attacks, even IF the circle is only white.

If you're still having trouble, and the circle is colored, then you're just using the wrong ability, as each spell/ability will only have one FOF that will activate it. (i.e. Water won't activate Lightning Tiger Blade, and Wind won't activate Rending Quake, ect.)

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