Question from koolkid46

Why cant i buy items?

At the zao ruins before sync and largo i tried to go to a town it says got to got to arzerut i cant buy anything?

kriskristen asked for clarification:

Were you turned away from the town and not allowed inside of it?


Silence34 answered:

I'm guessing you went to Chesidonia. Some of the people that look like vendors don't actually sell you anything you have to go a little further to the left from the first vendors you see in order to find the ones that actually sell items.
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DarkLink50 answered:

Some people act like vendors but you cant buy from them. Keep looking around and talk to everyone, eventually you find the vendors. Note: the item and food vendors are in the northernmost screen and the weapon, armor and accessory (i think that ones with the weapon and armor shops) are in the southernmost screen. This is in Chesedonia btw.
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