Question from Sheldog24

Pillar Puzzle in last dungeon?

I'm in the last place of the game, and I'm at the part with the Dark/Light fonstones and the pillars.

The problem?

I hit one of them in the wrong direction, so is there any way to make them go reset?


Shinarouji answered:

Head to the new area that opened up, there will be a switch on the floor you can walk on that will reset the room.
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Draco_Falconi answered:

Sadly, no. Once you strike the pillar down, that is it - you'll have to learn to live with the results. Striking it UP will let you get the Fonic Blade, while hitting it LEFT will let you reach a Red Lavender (the Sword is exclusive, the herb is not). The pillar cannot be brought back to a stand-up position, even through room rotations.
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Axel_Rawr answered:

Well i've heard rumors of this floor switch,and i'd like to believe it since it would be /horrible/ game design to have a puzzle like that but hey,there's no excuse for something like that
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