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A Locked Treasure Chest?

I'm talking about the chest in the "abandoned factory" next to the ' Sunlight Chamber ' chest. the ones you can get after attaining both "Mieu Wings" and "Mieu Fire 2" abilities. supposedly, there should be a ' Holy Quelquatl ' in that chest, but it says "It's locked" and I have no clue how to unlock it.

appreciate any help. thanks

Accepted Answer

Itachi0970 answered:

The Holy Quelquatl is a Catalyst Weapon (similar to the Devil's Arms in Symphonia or the Fell Arms in Vesperia). This means it's a part of a sidequest, which you must do in order to collect all of the weapons. You should have Nebilim from a monster in the Meggiora Highlands. After that, you will need to get the Lost Celesti from Emperor Peony's room, and Blood Pain from Elder McGovern in St. Binah. After that, you should be able to get the Holy Quelquatl. For more information on the sidequest, search up Catalyst Weapons.
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