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How exactly do I use the Ion mystic arte extension and the second mystic artes on second play through?

I dont get how Ion can be in the party and how would I use the second mystic artes, i just dont know what the R2 button swaps to on the 3DS, I would appreciate instructions.

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xtdg134 answered:

The extension is easy, just use your Mystic Arte like normal while Ion is traveling with the party, and hold down "A" during the Mystic Arte, Second one is a little more difficult. Basically, Ion has to be traveling with you, you need to have the Key of Lorelei equipped, Luke has to be in the red for HP (15% hp or less), activate OverLimit, and hit A+B+Y all at once.

There is a Skill/Artes FAQs that details all of the skills and Mystic Artes for all characters.
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