Question from lazlo909

Asked: 2 years ago

Party members not using items?

I have my party set to use items when tp is low, but for some reason they won't use the item even when the tp is at 0. Will the party member only use specific types of gel or am i doing something wrong?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I have 16 pineapple gel and (i.e tear) won't use it

Accepted Answer

From: Pyralblitzzz 2 years ago

The A.I is just wierd sometimes. I would try only putting one person on the strategy at a time, because multiple characters trying to use an item at the same time might glitch. If that doesn't work, just use the items yourself.

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Check if you have at least 1 gel.

Recheck their strategy for them, to make sure they're set for item use.

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I have 16 pineapple gel and (i.e tear) won't use it (first time using this board >.<)

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