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How do I use Mystic Artes?

I saw some of my CPU's using it in battle. Mostly Guy with Razing Phoenix. I was wondering how I use this myself in battle.

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CatMuto answered:

You need the AD Skills Overlimit (obtained at Level 15) and Mystic Arte (obtained at Level 30) enabled. In-battle, you have to initiate Overlimit by pressing D-Pad Right. Depending on the character, you need to press A during different moves.
For Natalia, Anise, Luke and Guy, you need to use an Arcane Arte. For Tear, you need to use any of her Hymns and for Jade, any high-leveled spell - the first one he gets is at level 36, Ground Dasher.
Remember that the final hit of the attack has to connect, otherwise the MA will not trigger.

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hinki answered:

This particular type of attack has been really peeving me all day as no amount of button combos was working! Not until I did a certain sequence: I press dpad right to trigger overlimit, then I held down A. While holding down A I pressed B (to which I had an arcane art assigned) - that set off the mystic arte!
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