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Absorption Gate Music?

Okay, so I know Sakuraba likes to remix and sneak in some of his compositions from previous games he's worked on. I know I've heard the battle theme used in the normal enemy fights before from some other (i.e. not Tales series) game and I'm wondering if anyone else might recognize it as well. I don't care if you know the title of the song or not. If someone can at least tell me the game it's from then I can figure it out from there. I'm thinking the first Baten Kaitos maybe? Or if anyone knows where to find a list of the tracks he's remixed for other games perhaps?

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Riku_Masamune answered:

Well in some parts if you played Tales of Phantasia, it kinda sounds like Moria or maybe from Tales of Symphonia when you first make it to Derris-Kharlan. The one that is the tall tower and looks like a space observatory.

Well, it could be both mixed together. But that's just me, everyone hears different things. And it come down whether or not you have Perfect Pitch as well.
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