Question from FFkunai1

Asked: 3 years ago

Do the 256 battles for berserker title reset if you switch to normal?

I set my game to normal midway through the battles, and i am unsure of whether this will affect berserker. Also, does the berseker costume sidequest have a cutoff point where you cant do it anymore?

Accepted Answer

From: CatMuto 3 years ago

Yes, if you change your battle difficulty before you finished 256 battles in one go, it resets and you'll have to start over agian. A reason why I like doing this prior to end game when I farm for grade in the Cheagle Woods.

No. The costume can be obtained post-Absorb Gate once you've got all six party members back but you can get the costume at any time afterwards. Even just before ending the game.
There was a glitch where you can't obtain it on consecutive playthroughs, so better grab it the first time around .. not sure if it's still in the 3DS version ..


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