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Guys infinite combo?

Hello, i was wondering on how to do guys infinite combo, from what i saw from videos i saw him using 4attack<crescent strike>moonlight tempest> tiger blade>nihil blade tempest>void tempest>tiger blade>severing wind> then continues on with combo

my question is after the first tiger blade, how does he transition to nihil blade so fast to not stop combo? is it due to high agility? c.core? ad skill? if its ad skill, i already have super chain, and ablity plus so that cantbe the problem. please respond.

does agility shorten the transition after a set of attacks? for example after 7 hits then another 7 hits, is the transition shortened?

jaeyooncha provided additional details:

What i was wondering if there was a way to make the characters fast enough to just spam combos and artes


sonicking2004 answered:

So far, the only way I found to stretch out a combo beyond what's normal is if another character joins in during yours (which is difficult & rare with computer-controlled characters) or if you jump into theirs, allowing them to start anew & keeping the combo unbroken. Even a single hit from another character could be enough to allow you to continue the combo as long as no one knocks the enemy down.
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fabian456 answered:

tigerblade leaves stuck to the enemy more time then you can chain simple atacks or artes and is the same for FoF dragon tempest but you can repeat only one more time.

this video is better combo
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Truhazzard3260 answered:

if you want longer comboes put it on manual. you attack alot faster and i think with most character when you finish you standard attacks you can attach again without resetting the hit count A
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