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Glitching in final battle?

I've fought this a55hole 5 times already due to some glitch or another (ok, I died twice so what). It's usually due to freezing but sometimes, out of nowhere he just... stands there.
He does absolutely nothing, and for some reason, it's like my attacks don't do jack sh1t. Help?

epicdominican91 provided additional details:

This was on the 3DS version, and I used Luke, Tear, Guy, and Jade. I wasn't sure which arte I used, since other times I fought him it didn't glitch.
Also, I beat the game already, so I guess this is more of a question of if this has happened to anyone else.


CatMuto answered:

A bit more information would be helpful. What team do you use - I heard that if neither Luke or Tear is in your party, the game could glitch. But I'm not sure if that was only in the PS2 Version. Do you use a certain arte and it glitches or what?

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palilas answered:

I'm having a similar problem with the 3DS version. I have Tear, Luke, Guy and Jade in my team, with Luke as the playable character. Tear has finished her Fonic Hymn, but the battle has been going on auto-pilot, so to speak for close to 20 minutes, without me touching the controls and without progress. There doesn't seem to be a trigger for the glitch, it just happens.
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KratosSama answered:

This happened to my the first time I reached that fight. I also had Tear, Luke, Guy, and Jade, with Guy as the playable character. I reset the system and redid the battle, and it was fine. I don't know if there's a specific trigger for the glitch, and you can get Van's HP down to 1 (at least I could). Once you reach that point, however, you're at a dead end because the cutscene won't trigger. There's no solution but to restart and hope you aren't unlucky enough to get the glitch again.
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jml2002 answered:

Maybe because Van attacked Luke in the middle of the Mystic Arte
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