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Cannot seem to initiate nebilim fight no matter what i do HELP!?

I have found all the weapons and i think ive viewed all the cutscenes. Ive unlocked the final weapon but upon thinking i might have somehow not seen the final cutscene when they discuss finding the weapons and what to do because i did it on another file but didnt save. any ideas?

Ive tried finishing some side quests but im not sure if i somehow have an active relative quest which is blocking the event even though ive tried to leave this till last... what could i be doing wrong do i need to see another cutscene?


leee8675 answered:

Once you find all 6 catalyst weapons, there is a cutscene stating that you found all 6. At point they direct you to go to Mt. Roneal. Niblims Crag is in the location that is surronded by a blizzard. Its at the left spot in that area. Just verify that you have all the weapons for that just in case.
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DarkLink50 answered:

adding to what leee8675 said. Have you viewed the final cutscene before the final battle (at the steps)? If you havent, maybe thats why you cant initiate the nebilim fight.
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Sulley3 answered:

You do not have to view the final episode. If you have all 6 weapons go to the Crag found near the northwest part of the Mt. Roneal mountain range. Do not have any of the weapons equiped. A scene should trigger and the battle results.
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Garioshi answered:

Did you go back to Yulia's grave after the first cutscene?
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Soloassassin525 answered:

You probably have to beat the game first, I'm about to try it because I have the same problem! If it doesn't work then im out of options for you.
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