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Asked: 2 years ago

What are the differences?

I haven't played the PS2 version of this game, but I'm wondering what the differences are between the original game and this one.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Cool. I might have to pick it up when I get Xenoblade Chronicles.

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- 3D effects
- faster loading times
- some sidequest deadlines and rewards have been changed (for example, you don't need to defeat Nebilim on Very Hard or Unknown to obtain Tactical Leader. You can fight her on normal and get it in your first playthrough)
- no multiplayer

Other than that, it's a perfect port. For japanese players, it had some Hi Ougi/Mystic Artes added that weren't in the original japanese PS2 version.


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3D (although its not that effective)
Loading times are shortened
Slightly more lag sometimes
Removal of Multiplayer
Some stats were changed for difficulties
The Japanese version was updated to accommodate the NA changes.
Buttons were changed (obviously) - The touchscreen functions as 4 arte shortcuts instead of the right analogue stick
Only four save slots per game card
Some sidequest cut-offs have been altered e.g. i managed to get the Jewel of Gardios before entering Eldrant

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