Question from agentlks

How do I beat Ancylopolyp?

Im having a hard time beating it


CatMuto answered:

Kill the little thingies first, then use Asch to hit Ancy and have Jade use Thunder magic, Asch too since he has Thunder Blade. Use Natalia's Buffs as well if you feel you're too weak.

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amayakeylunn answered:

Kill the Ancylopolyp first The litl things are very eas to kil, but more will keep coming if thAncylopolyp is still alive. The best thing I have done is wait for him to come ou of his shell them have Asch and Jade use there thuder spells.
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Garioshi answered:

Kill all but one of the Polyps, then whale on the main boss. It might help to control one of your three spellcasters as enemies generally have less magic defense than physical defense.
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