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I found shiba kinda late (right before going to eldrant) is there a way to make him show up in keterburg?

as stated in the question, can i still make him show up in keterburg, or am I screwed till i do a second playthrough?

brelen provided additional details:

Ccatmuto-- aren't we supposed to meet him in ketelburg for the ice seed to get mieu fire 2?

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CatMuto answered:

Ah, totally forgot about that...
Actually, I don't think there was a real deadline to that sidequest. I once got Shiba very late in the game and he still appeared in Kethelbrook just fine.

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CatMuto answered:

Shiba doesn't appear in Kethelbrook... he appears in Sheridan. If you want to find him in Sheridan for the Replication Facility, yeah, well that IS on second playthroughs only.

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Sulley3 answered:

I had trouble finding him. He is not in the inn as you are led to believe, he is west inside the area where you used a snowball to knock the chest off the canopy.
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