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Mt. Roneal Northern Entrance?

I already completed the Mushroom Road sidequest, and received the Greater Flightstone. However, when I approach the blizzard to go into the northern entrance of Mt. Roneal, I am still being blocked from doing so.

Am I headed in the right direction?

pobatti asked for clarification:

There's no river west of Keterburg. I landed on an iceberg but there's nowhere to go from there.


DarkLink50 answered:

The greater flightstone allows you to land on more places (NOT to fly through blizzards).

To access the N entrance. Start from Keterburg, go W across the river and land over the ice. Now enter Mt.
Roneal from the N entrance.

Check out a FAQ if you want to get the refined flightstone because it allows you to fly through weather conditions (it is required for some titles and access to a superboss)
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