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Can you control characters other than Luke in battle?

I see that you apparently can in the PS2 version, but I'm most of the way through the game and have assumed the whole way I can only control Luke... in battle. I'm not talking about the flag thing where you can appear as other characters, I just want to use Guy fully in battle. Is that possible?


CatMuto answered:

Yes. For one, you can just place your preferred character to first position in the menu by pressing right and using A on the two characters whose position you want to change. During battle, if you have the Moon Selector - which is auomatically obtained upon leaving Vaticule - open the menu and press Start to switch to the next character.

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Garioshi answered:

I thought that you got the moon selector in the Fubras river behind those non-broken planks...
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JadeTorchwood answered:

Yeah, you can switch Luke with other party members in & out of battle. To switch characters outside of battle, you need the S Flag that's found in Cheagle Woods. It lets you switch Luke with someone else & control that character on the world map & in towns. The Moon Selector key item lets you switch characters when you open the menu & use the start button. I like using the Moon Selector a lot because it makes it easier to use Mystic Artes in battle.
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jml2002 answered:

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MARs_Forev193 answered:

First of, Ill differentiate the following...
S Flag: You can change the character you're controlling OUT/NOT IN BATTLE.
Moon Selector: You can change the character you're controlling IN/DURING BATTLE.

You'll get S Flag in Cheagle Woods, and the Moon Selector in Miyagi's Dojo.
Outside/not in battle, open up the menu (X BUTTON). Then move the cursor (the arrow) to Luke. Press X, then a box will appear (Switch witch which character?). Move the cursor/arrow to the character u wanna use in your next battle. Press X to finally switch Luke and the character u picked. Voila! (NOTE: Just because u switched the characters' position doesn't mean that the character you'll see while walking in fields, dungeons, towns, etc. is the character u switched with Luke)
EXAMPLE: If u switched Luke with Tear OUTSIDE/NOT IN BATTLE, and if the red flag near a character's name is Luke's, then the character you'll see walking in the field, dungeon, town, etc. is Luke, NOT Tear.
Hope u get it...
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