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Sidequest cut off point?

Can someone give me a detailed, but point form, list of the cutoff points for ALL sidequests, without linking me to another guide?

Example: Sword Dancer, you must defeat the dancer at Choral Castle by fighting the Sword Dancer in the lobby. If you skip this, you can't get it.

Simple and too the point. I just don't know what sidequests there are, and I'd prefer not to have to read through a whole guide, sidequest by sidequest to know when I have to do which ones. I'd like it clearly laid out which ones have a cut-off point out of ALL the sidequests, and when they are so I don't miss any.


P.S:. Sorry for how rude it all sounds >.< I just want to be 100% clear


CatMuto answered:

Really, your best bet is to go check Aileron's Extras Guide. It has the sidequests listed in chronological form (except grouped ones) or you use Gray Fox's Walkthrough as it lists sidequests available at that exact point of walkthrough...

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