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How do I learn what titles do in-game?

I was wondering if there is any way to learn what each title does without reading an online faq? Is there anywhere in the game that describes what each title does?

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Thank you for your responses. lil109109 - pressing select does not seem to do anything. I have tried every combination of buttons that I could think of.

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All that does is give a description of the title.
Such as Duke's Son - "A title of prestige bequethed on on whose fate is sealed in his blood line."
No where does it say "heals 2% HP every 15 seconds while standing still"
If I am misreading your directions, I apologize. Thank you for your response.

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As far as I know, no. Only time I recall a hint about what a title actually does is when talking to a cheagle in the forest, who mentions that a certain title (Easygoing Waitress) when selected will highlight places where you can use Mieu Wings by a note floating above the character's head.


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Ok when in the game press X to go to a menu go down to status and Select it, then select the title and it will give a description of the title on the lower screen.

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Sorry i'll be more specific.

When in the game press X then go down to were it says status and press A to select it then you'lll be able to choose a character, press A to choose. move the circle pad down so that the title is highlighted, press A, then a list of titles show up. move the circle pad up or down to chose a title. look on the bottom screen to see a description of the title.

I hope this helps. ^-^

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You read my directions perfectly. Sorry, you wanted to find out what the titles do instead of the description. sorry bout that ^-^

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There is no in-game description of what titles do. There are some guides here on GameFAQs with information about the effects of titles though.

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