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How do I beat Nebilim!?

Omg I swear this is Impossible!! My party is in the lv130s I use Luke Tear Anise and Jade. I keep dying because of he Mystic Artes. I almost got her 1 time but she used Fragmented End and it caused 50,000 damage and it K.O my whole party! I'm on the Hard difficulty level cuz I want the Tactical leader Title. I bought 16 of every healing item! What do I do?!

Accepted Answer

CatMuto answered:

3DS version doesn't require you to beat her on a certain setting to obtain the Title.
You just need to beat her, so switch to Normal, make sure you have the best weapons (Eldrant or Collisseum) and go at it. I suggest Tear, Jade and Anise in the back casting spells and using Guy to steal Tutti and act as a distraction/meatshield while the others use spells.

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