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A good level to beat Nebilim?

I'm on my second walkthrough already. So I want to know what's a good level to beat Nebilim. Right now, I'm about to go to the Meggiora Highlands to get the Albiore. All of my characters are almost to level 40 or so & I might do the Planetary Catalyst side-quest later on.

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Aurora514 answered:

It was possible, to beat Nebilim around lvl 64~66. (on normal mode) It was mainly because I had a ton of life bottles/ miracle gels etc. It is mainly about having a lot of items and avoiding her artes.

Also avoiding her artes. Pretty much everything she does can 1 hit KO you. Playing it safe is the only way you'll have any chance of beating her. Spam Mystic artes and everything you have for this battle. It is good to have Tear in your party so she can revive fallen party members. Only use life bottles on tear and your controlled character. It will help preserve your life bottles.

If this is your second playthrough I'm assuming you're playing on hard or higher. In that case you will likely need to be much higher than this. If you have exp x2 it will be a lot easier to grind up higher.
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Deoxys_Prime answered:

She's the hardest boss in the game and can still be relatively challenging as high as level 75 on normal mode.

I recommend a minimum level of 70, but if you lack many AD skills, secondary Mystic Artes, or hidden Artes (especially for Jade) it may be harder and require a level closer to 75.

If you're on hard I'd recommend the 80-85 range. I was 78 when I tried on my hard playthrough (I didn't have many AD skills or anything) and it was almost infuriatingly difficult.

I'm not sure about very hard mode. I'd assume 95-100 for that. On unknown I know most people don't try until level 200 and beyond.

At the pace you're leveling you should be fine for her when you get to her. When I was where you are I was probably level 35-36.
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