Question from kanetsugu96

Where are the sword masters spawn points ?

I would like to fight him again

kanetsugu96 provided additional details:

Im just at daath and i haven't fought the 2nd one . Have i lost the fight ?


JadeTorchwood answered:

The 1st Sword Dancer is at Coral Castle & the cutoff to fight him is when you get to Akzeriuth. The 2nd one is (I think) south of Theor Forest. The last one is on the Isle of Feres. You can't fight all three Sword Dancers at anytime you want. As I mentioned for the 1st Sword Dancer, the fights have a cutoff so you can't fight them again.
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KratosSama answered:

As the above poster said, the second Sword Dancer fight is the search point sound of Theor Forest. You can't fight it until the plot takes you there (coming up soon, assuming you've just gone to Daath for the first time.) That fight is available until you clear the Adsorption Gate.
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