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Plot Help status answers
About the story? Answered 3
Does this game have multiple endings? Answered 1
Good game?? Answered 1
How long does tear wear the maid uniform? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
About the region lock? Open 1
Absorption Gate Music? Answered 1
Action Replay Power Saves codes? Unanswered 0
Are the skits voiced now? Answered 3
Bottom screen? Answered 3
Buying this game? Answered 1
Can I erase/delete a saved game? Answered 4
Can I use the guide for the PS2 version for this version? Answered 5
Can you unlock the Music Player? Answered 1
Cellar things? Answered 1
Changing field target? Open 4
Do characters that don't fight get EXP? Answered 2
Do the 256 battles for berserker title reset if you switch to normal? Answered 1
Does the 256 berserker title reset if you go into a town at any point ? Open 2
Dragon Buster Costumes? Answered 1
Enemies Damage Party Instead of Battling, What? Open 1
Glitch With Luke? Open 3
Glitching in final battle? Open 4
Grade shop 20 items? Answered 2
How do I Continue a Previously Finished Game? Open 2
How do I learn what titles do in-game? Open 5
How do I make lightining come out of my blade again? Answered 2
How do I reset game cartridge data? Open 1
How do i switch characters in battle? Answered 1
How do I switch to Manual? Answered 1
How do I use Mystic Artes? Answered 2
How do you change the character for running around the over world? Answered 1
How do you do Lost Fon Drive? Answered 1
How many hours of gameplay? Answered 1
How to use everybody's 2nd mystic arte? Answered 3
I've compeled the Reid and neblim quest and they aren't in the game character data? If it's a glitch how do I fix it? Open 1
Im curious...? Answered 1
Is it even out in the USA yet??? Answered 2
Is it me or.....? Answered 1
Is it possible to change the difficulty within a dungeon? Answered 1
Is the 3D any good? Answered 1
Is the 3DS version any different than the PS2 version? Answered 1
Is there a cutoff on the cameo battle in Baticul? Answered 1
Is there any way to have Luke's long hair apperanece after Yulia City? Answered 1
Keep Asch ? Answered 2
Master all recipes tittle? Answered 1
Plane north of Chesedonia? Open 1
PLEASE HELP, is this a glitch/bug? Open 1
Recipe in engeve? Answered 2
Release in Europe? Answered 1
Sidequest cut off point? Open 1
Some of the characters are missing in the character database in tears room? Open 1
Stocking up? Answered 2
Strategies not saving? Open 1
Sync stopped attacking during battle? (Eldrant Battle) Open 1
There are characters missing in the character disc How do I get them? Open 1
Transfer Skits to 2nd playtrough? Answered 1
What are the differences? Open 2
What do Titles Do? Answered 3
What is the max level? Answered 3
who is better guy or Luke? Answered 2
Why cant i buy items? Open 2
Why do you not inherit weapons & armor from the inherit items? Answered 2
Would i like this game if im not that big of a fan for final fantacy? Open 2

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