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Asked: 3 years ago

Can I find Assist Blocks once I unlock the Special Worlds?

I can't seem to get them anymore.

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From: ShardZero 3 years ago

If your save file has any stars attached to it, the Assist Blocks will never show again on that file.

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No you cannot it is impossible

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No Assist Boxes will appear in Special World. If you go back to the regular world, Assist Blocks will only appear in that world.

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No. Special Worlds are tough and those assist blocks will never appear on the special world, so you must try your best to clear a level on every special worlds

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No. The special worlds are supposed to be harder, including the fact that there are no assist boxes. Assist boxes also disappear in levels you have already beaten.

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No you cant, wa wa wa wahhhhhh.

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Probably no, cause I'm in the speicial worlds and I haven't heard anything about assist boxes.

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No, they won't appear.

Special worlds are a challenge for hardcore gamers, levels from the normal world with small variations here and there to make it more challenging, if you can't get past them, don't worry, there's not an extra boss or something cool like that (maybe just unlocking Luigi) but if you practice hard enough, you'll never need any assistance block ever.

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If you mean the blocks that apear after you die about ten times then yes. you get the mega leaf when you die 5 times and get the warp powerup when you die ten times. I havent checked on 20 I'll have to get back to you on that.

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If the assist blocks did appear, the Special Worlds wouldn't be a challenge. Once you defeat Bowser in the World 8 Second Castle, they should no longer appear.

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