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Does P-Wing Affect Glittering Stars?

Out of curiosity, does using a P-Wing affect your ability to gain glittering stars pre-Special Worlds? I snagged a P-Wing but haven't used it. Granted, I've already gotten my 5 glittering stars on lock and just have to beat S8-Crown. Figured it would be a useful question to have answered for other people though.

TheGrandStar asked for clarification:

What's a glittering star?


SkywardSword100 answered:

I believe it does.
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DarkBowser100 answered:

Actually, it's assist boxes that affect your profile. Using a PWing from a mystery box doesn't affect anything as far as I know.
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UltraPikmin answered:

Yes it does if you use the P wing from the helper boxxes that appear if you die more than 5 times in a level if you use the P wing from the mystery box than it will be no problem
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FlygonTube answered:

Yes. After you use that, you will never get glittering stars unless you start new game.
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Michael-Ike-9 answered:

Yes, but even if a white tanooki assist block appears and you don't even use it, you will lose your shiny stars in that file forever :(
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adordon19 answered:

Yes. If you get one it means you died more than five times in a level, and therefore you can't get glittering stars.
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DefenderHero answered:

Yes. If you perish 5 or more times in a level, the Assist Block with the White Tanooki Suit will appear and you will lose the opportunity for glittering stars. The only option is to start a new game.
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Galaxy_Bae answered:

No, it does not affect stars on your profile.
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yoshiboo2002 answered:

Yes, if you die five or more times in a level without quitting the level before you die five times, you can still get five stars, but they won't be sparkling.
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