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How do you get a 5 star rating and sparkly file?

How do you get a 5 star rating and sparkly file?

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From: SnoozerBear 3 years ago

Pretty much every time someone posts the star requirements, it is different. Seen 3-4 different versions. Going by Japanese sites, the previous answer is almost completely wrong. D:

We need someone to test and get the true ones, 100%. Anyways, as far as I know according to my research the correct ones are:

Star 1: Defeat Bowser in World 8's second castle.

Star 2: Clear all levels in worlds 1 through 8. This one is the reason why most people have two stars upon beating the main game. If you had to jump on top of every flag-pole, it'd include the Special worlds which would make beating the main game and getting 2 stars impossible.

Star 3: Clear Special World 8's final castle. According to one Japanese source, may have to replay the original World 8's castle afterwards...

Star 4: Obtain all Star Medals Excluding Mystery Boxes. (285 total)

Star 5: Clear all levels with both Mario and Luigi plus obtain all Golden Flags. (by touching very top of pole, only needs to be done once with either Mario or Luigi, not both)

Glittering Stars: Die no more than 5 times in one level, before said level has been cleared/Super Items never appeared. Therefore, since Special Worlds don't have Super Items, the Glittering Stars are permanently yours after finishing all the levels in the main 8 worlds.

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To have the stars sparkle, you must never die five times in the same level.
As for the stars themselves, I am not sure. I received to stars from (presumably) beating World 8 and acquiring all of the Star Coins available along the way.

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Yep im also wondering the same thing... if anyone knows please add to the chest section. Also on the same topic since their are no white tanooki or p wing in special worlds what happens if you die five times? Do your stars not sparkle still?

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What is a sparkly star and 5 star rating? I have seen the p wing and the white tanooki. When you are wearing that it's like you have a start the whole time and you can kill most anything by touching it. You can destroy thwomps and ghosts but if you fall as usual you die. The white tanooki suit appears in quite a few levels if you die a few times. It will even appear in the final stage of the last fight with bowswer. Allowing you to just run through without getting hurt by any of the fire balls.

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star 1: beat world 8
star 2: jump on the TOP of every single flag pole in every level
star 3: collect all star coins

star 4: unlock luigi after beating dry bowser in world s1-castle
star 5: beat every level with mario and luigi

sparkly stars: dont let the 2 special boxes appear at the beggining of a level. aka don't die five times in a level. if this does happen just turn off your 3ds then turn it back on again, select the game and play the level.

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If you do die in a level more than 5 times, clear it, then go back and play it again and clear with one life does that count towards not dying 5 times or if you die 5 times in one level and don't reset immediately you can never get a sparkly star

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Star 1: Beat Bowser in Normal World 8 the second time.
Star 2: Beat Bone Bowser in Special World 8, then regular Bowser again from Star 1.
Star 3: Get all Star Coins.
Star 4: Get all Golden Flags, less the bonus level. This only has to be done with one of the brothers.
Star 5: Beat all levels with both Mario and Luigi.

Glittering Stars on profile: Don't die 5 or more times in any level in the Normal World.*

* This opens the Super Items to allow you to quickly complete a level you get stuck on. Super Items will not appear in the Special World, so die away.

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