Question from Recoidac

Asked: 3 years ago

Super Mario 3D Land > 3D View Mode how does it work?

can some tell me about how the 3D View Mode works in this game Im not talking about the 3DS depth slider because I know how that works I just want to know how the 3D View Mode works in this game I tried playing around with it and didnt understand what the feature was doing so if anyone at all understands how this feature works just explain to me because I understand better how this feature works I can have more fun with this game okay if anyone all knows just tell me

Accepted Answer

From: peoplewhoplay 3 years ago

There are 2 types of 3D views, one is the pop-out 3D view which can make things pops out of your screen when 3D on, and deep 3D (i don't know real name) will let you see not pop-out, but goes deeper to the screen. hope this helps

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Um..what?...just..what?..the 3D view is basically what you said its not...basically just sliding the works better when your like..13 feet away from the screen...So uh..Yeah...Have fun

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