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                              B O S S   F A Q

|                    Author: Ratleh                                           |
|                    Began: April 25, 2009                                    |
|                    Sent in: April 26, 2009                                  |
|                    Completed: June 4, 2009                                  |
|                    Game: Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)                   |
|                    Platform: PC, Wiiware                                    |
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|    [A] Contents...............................................              |
|    [B] Introduction...........................................              |
|    [C] Bosses.................................................              |
|                       1. Balrog (The Shack)....................[BAL1]       |
|                       2. Igor (Egg Corridor)...................[IGOR]       |
|                       3. Balrog (Grasstown)....................[BAL2]       |
|                       4. Balfrog (Grasstown)...................[BAL3]       |
|                       5. Curly (Sand Zone).....................[CRLY]       |
|                       6. Omega (Sand Zone).....................[MEGA]       |
|                       7. Frenzied Toroko (Sand Zone)...........[TORO]       |
|                       8. Pooh Black (Labyrinth)................[POOH]       |
|                       9. Monster X (Labyrinth).................[MONX]       |
|                      10. Balrog (Labyrinth)....................[BAL4]       |
|                      11. The Core (Core).......................[CORE]       |
|                      12. Ironhead (Waterway)...................[IRON]       |
|                      13. The Sisters (Egg Corridor)............[DRGN]       |
|                      14. Ma Pignon (Cemetary)..................[MPIG]       |
|                      15. The Red Demon (Last Cave).............[DMON]       |
|                      16. Misery (Throne Room)..................[MSRY]       |
|                      17. The Doctor (The King's Table).........[DOC1]       |
|                      18. The Doctor (The King's Table).........[DOC2]       |
|                      19. Undead Core (Black Space).............[NDED]       |
|                      20. Heavy Press (Sacred Grounds)..........[PRSS]       |
|                      21. Ballos (Seal Chamber).................[HELL]       |
|    [D] Version History........................................              |
|    [E] Legal stuff............................................              |
|    [F] Contact................................................              |
|    [G] Credits................................................              |
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Cave Story is a freeware game that was developed over the course of several
years, by just one guy. It has a complex and engaging storyline, excellent
music and artwork, fluid and addictive gameplay... and some seriously tough
bosses. This guide is here to help you take those bosses down as quickly and
efficiently as you can. Good luck!

* = Easy
** = Easy-Medium
*** = Medium
**** = Medium-Hard
***** = Hard

"WOC" is short for "Weapon of Choice" and refers to the Machine Gun, Snake, or
Spur, meaning any of those weapons would be useful.

~Ratleh, Spelunker Supreme

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   __                  |        |  [C] BOSSES +++                      |
  | ___       ___       _       |      Be quick and nimble, keep your  |
 _    ||        ||_      |_     |      wits about you, and don't stop  |
|     ||        ||         |    |      mashing that 'X' button!        |
|        ___               |_   /_____________________________________/
 _       \  \       __       | / 
  |  _____---_______| |     _| 
   _|                 |____|

 /                        HP: 60  :  [BAL1] +++ Difficulty: *                 :
-  1. Balrog (The Shack)          : Recommended Weapon: Polar Star            :

You actually have a choice whether or not to fight Balrog. He'll drop a lot of
energy crystals, so it may be worth if you want to level up your Polar Star.

Balrog will start by charging at you, dealing damage if you don't avoid him.
Fire away until he gets close, then jump over his head and attack him from the
other side (you can also shoot downwards mid-jump). Rinse and repeat for a
quick and easy win. Note that he'll add a little hop at the end of every third
charge, so don't be caught off-guard by that. If he DOES catch you, he'll grab
you, and presumably whack you around a bit, before tossing you aside.

 /                        HP: 300 :  [IGOR] +++ Difficulty: *     Recommended :
-  2. Igor (Egg Corridor)         :  Weapons: Polar Star, Missile Launcher    :

Igor is another easy fight, especially since you should have picked up a few
more Life Capsules by now. He will run at you much like Balrog did, then jump
up and try to stomp on you. If you stand too close to him, he'll throw a
couple of quick punches. His final attack (which he'll start using at
half-health) is to breathe out a stream of white rings that cause damage when
touched, but these can be destroyed using the Polar Star.

Use a combination of the Missile Launcher and Polar Star for this fight. The
Missile Launcher will help kill Igor off rather quickly, especially if you
leveled it up, however it has the disadvantage of not being able to destroy the
white rings. Empty your missile ammo, switching to the Polar Star once you've
done that, and also to destroy the white rings. Keep just enough distance that
you can reach him with your attacks, but not be charged into.

 /                        HP: 240 :  [BAL2] +++ Difficulty: **    Recommended :
-  3. Balrog (Grasstown)          :  Weapons: Polar Star, Missile Launcher    :

Balrog is a little more powerful this time around. He'll fly his way across the
room, scattering energy orbs when he lands, then pause a bit before flying back
to the other side. At low health, he'll start jumping around, and things will
get slightly chaotic. Remember, like with Igor, the rings can be dispatched of
with the Polar Star (and Fireball as well).

If you have level 3 missiles, they'll be VERY useful here. Fire away until
you're out, then use the Polar Star instead. The ditch in the center of the
room makes the Fireball a rather weak option, most of the time.

You can also ride on Balrog's head without taking any damage, so give it a try
if you want. Holding the up button and spamming Fireballs while on his head
will kill him off nicely.

 /                       HP: 300  :  [BAL3] +++ Difficulty: **                :
-  4. Balfrog (Grasstown)         : Recommended Weapon: Fireball              :

If you hadn't noticed by now, Balrog fights you a lot in this game. This time,
he's been turned into a giant frog by Misery. Woohoo! I mean... Huzzah!

Balfrog will jump around, as frogs do, causing a mini frog to fall from the
ceiling each time. You can shoot them for powerups. He will also occasionally
do a big jump, causing many mini frogs, and some big frogs, to rain down.
Shoot upwards as they fall if they're giving you trouble, but they shouldn't.

After jumping five or six times, Balfrog will open his mouth and start shooting
out red projectiles. This is your cue to blast away with the Fireball, which
(if you're positioned correctly) should bounce right into his mouth, destroying
the projectiles and causing damage.

Also, take note of the fans on either side of the room. When Balfrog's getting
too close for comfort, just use the fans to fly over him (shooting downwards if
you're worried about landing on a frog). Remember to use the jump button to
gain more altitude.

 /                       HP: 320  :  [CRLY] +++ Difficulty: **                :
-  5. Curly (Sand Zone)           : Recommended Weapons: Fireball             :

This fight can be a little tricky if you don't know what you're doing, since
Curly packs a few surprises, but if you DO know what you're doing, it's very
easy. Your Missile Launcher will be useless here--she has a force field that
blocks missiles. (First surprise, yay...)

First off, note the Mimiga Children (or 'Colons') trying to tackle you. They
don't hurt much, but are a nuisance. Shooting them will stun them for a bit.

Curly herself has a machine gun that sprays out bullets. She'll start flashing
and a sound will go off when she's charging it up, so wait for that signal and
prepare to dodge. Simply jumping over her head won't suffice, though, as she'll
change directions and hit you anyway. What you need to do is wait until she's
just about to fire, then hold down the jump button--you should land just as the
bullets stop.

As for actually dealing damage to Curly, the Fireball is very useful here. Just
spam them whenever you can, and they'll both stun the Colons and hurt Curly.

 /                       HP: 400  :  [MEGA] +++ Difficulty: ***               :
-  6. Omega (Sand Zone)           : Recommended Weapons: Fireball, Bubbler    :

Omega is a giant, robotic ant lion. He's the toughest enemy you'll have had to
take down so far, but doesn't pose much of a challenge, all the same.

Like Balfrog earlier, he can only be damaged when his mouth is open. It'll
open up at the start of the match, so be ready to pummel him with your
Fireball. After that, Omega will burrow under the ground, then pop up after a
short while. From now on, each time his mouth opens, a stream of projectiles
will be spewed out. These projectiles can be easily taken care of with any of
your weapons, but if you're especially worried about getting hit, the level 3
Bubbler creates a sort of shield for you, destroying anything that gets too
close. Shoot with the Fireball and/or Bubbler until the next stage, where Omega
begins jumping around madly.

Now, continue firing away, but keep moving at the same time so you don't get
squashed. When he's got you pinned against a wall, jump over his head, still
firing in case of projectiles. Omega will go out with a flash of white light.

If you opted for the Machine Gun instead of the Snake or Spur, it'll work quite
well in place of the Fireball/Bubbler, and also let you fly above Omega.

 /                       HP: 500  :  [TORO] +++ Difficulty: ***   Recommended :
-  7. Frenzied Toroko (Sand Zone) :  Weapons: Polar Star, Machine Gun         :

Ah, poor Toroko... Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid killing her. The best
you can do is put her out of her misery quickly.

She only has one attack, which is to hurl blocks at you that turn into flowers
upon contact with the ground. Shoot the flowers for powerups if you wish.
Dodging the blocks can prove difficult, as they can often catch you mid-jump.
The best thing to do is to put some distance between yourself and Toroko, and
kill her off fast. When she jumps, you can run under her, and when she's
stationary, you can try jumping over her.

The Machine Gun, if you have it, works wonders. If not, your good old Polar
Star can get the job done. The Fireball isn't great because Toroko hops around
a lot, and likewise, the Missile Launcher can be tricky to hit her with.

 /                       HP: 300  :  [POOH] +++ Difficulty: *                 :
-  8. Pooh Black (Labyrinth)      : Recommended Weapons: Blade, Polar Star    :

Pooh Black is a weird ghost thing that looks remarkably like Balrog and has a
really bizarre name. Yaaaaaaaay!

Sit and watch Pooh Black as he does absolutely nothing, waiting for you to
attack him first. Once you do, he'll fire off some dark bubbles, but they're
easy to destroy and just as easy to avoid. At some point, Pooh Black will jump
up, out of sight, and bubbles will start to fall from the ceiling. Shooting
upwards will kill the bubbles. Run out of the way, and he'll stomp down.

Hammer away at the ghost with your Blade (which should be at least level 2),
and use the Polar Star (or Machine Gun) to pop bubbles. This fight's nothing.

 /            HP: 60 + 100 + 700* :  [MONX] +++ Difficulty: ****              :
-  9. Monster X (Labyrinth)       : Recommended Weapons: Bubbler, Blade       :

*Upper turrets, lower turrets, and the main section.

Monster X becomes much easier after you've beaten him a few times, but your
first try will be damn tough. Hopefully you picked up the Bubbler back in
Mimiga Village, because you'll want it here.

This boss battle doesn't actually start until you head to the far right of the
screen, past Monster X. Kill off all the Gaudis quickly, and soon, Monster X
will come rolling along, trying to run over you. DO NOT LET HIM RUN OVER YOU.
Jump onto his right tread, where you'll be safe, then to his left to make him
change directions. Hop back to his right tread again when you get near the
other red barrier, then once more onto his left tread, and he should come to a

Now, he'll reveal four orbs in the center of the 'X' shape. They'll hurl
projectiles at you. Before they start doing this, get in between the two treads
and have your Blade ready. Level 2 is best, but level 3 should work decently.
Smash the orbs upwards, along with the projectiles.

Monster X will eventually close up again and start moving, so repeat the same
process (hopping from the treads, shooting upwrads when he stops) until all the
orbs are gone.

Congratulations, you've made it to stage 2. Monster X will now send out heat-
seeking fish missiles, which are impossible to dodge but destroyable. Use your
level 3 Bubbler and they'll never touch you. When they're all gone, X will
again start rolling back and forth, so use your weapon of choice while dodging

You can use your Bubbler throughout stage 2, but remember that it needs to be
recharged, and becomes all but useless at lower levels. It might be a better
idea to use a different weapon when there's no danger of fish missiles. Or, you
can try the same strategy with the Blade that I recommended in stage 1--but
this only works when he's stopped, and also leaves you vulnerable to fish.

**NOTE: You'll need to make an important decision soon. In short, talk to
Booster only if you don't want access to the secret stage, don't care if he
dies, and don't care about getting a better jetpack later on. Otherwise,
ignore him completely.**

 /                       HP: 500  :  [BAL4] +++ Difficulty: **                :
-  10. Balrog (Labyrinth)         : Recommended Weapon: Blade                 :

Probably inspired by yourself, Balrog has missiles now! His are destroyable,
though. They'll take a few hits to kill off, unlike most projectiles.

This is a very simple fight, as Balrog only has one attack--to run, jump at
you, and fire off missile triplets. The Blade should keep you pretty safe and
defeat Balrog quickly.

**NOTE: Decision time again. There should be a sparkly patch in the Core room,
to the far far right. Investigate it IF you want to save Curly and access the
secret stage.**

 /                       HP: 600  :  [CORE] +++ Difficulty: ****  Recommended :
-  11. The Core (Core)            : Weapons: Blade, Polar Star, Missiles, WOC :

You may or may not have noticed a large, creepily silent, green monster to the
right. In any case, said monster will now be out for your blood. Just another
day in the life...

When the battle starts, Curly will have been knocked unconscious, but she'll
wake up soon to help you. She has terrible aim, though, so she's more of a
distraction than anything. (Ah well, it's the thought that counts!)

The Core will move towards you at a slow pace, while its four protective mini-
cores swim around its body. These mini-cores can't be killed, but shooting them
will push them back, giving you access to the main core. They'll also hurl
spinning things at you, which can be dispatched of with any of the recommended

The MAIN core is only damageable when it's opened up. When it's closed, you
should focus on avoiding HP loss while keeping close enough to catch the next
opening. When there's a ceasefire from the mini-cores, that's your cue to get
ready to attack. Blast it with your Super Missiles (it helps to level these up
first with the Fuzzes back in the Labyrinth). Once you're all out of missiles,
your Blade, Polar Star, or Polar Star upgrade should be used.

Besides the mini-cores' spinning blades, you'll have to avoid little wiggly
sp--ah, shots, fired from the Core whenever it's awake. Just shoot them,
they're not a huge threat. What you really want to watch out for is the three
giant white spheres of energy, sent out consecutively from the Core. It'll
start doing this at low health. You should definitely dodge these, as they
hurt quite a bit (the Booster will help if you got it, or the level 3 Machine
Gun--if not, just stick to high ground and jump over them.)

Of course, not only that, but you need to worry about drowning. The screen
will sometimes flood up, often accompanied by a rushing wind that sends you
into the left wall. Keep one eye on the AIR counter. It's easier than you'd
think to forget about it while attacking/dodging the Core, and end up dead. Try
to stay as high up as you can to avoid this--the steps at the left side of the
screen are a nice spot to use.

**NOTE: Another game-altering decision. If you're saving Curly, use the item
you got from the sparkly patch. Then, when in the Waterway, make sure you
manage to get to the first door you come across. The computer and bookshelf
should help you out. When asked to take her with you, select 'Yes'.**

 /                       HP: 400  :  [IRON] +++ Difficulty: **    Recommended :
-  12. Ironhead (Waterway)        : Weapons: Blade, Polar Star, WOC           :

Ironhead has an iron head. He's also a fish.

Ironhead (a character taken from Ikachan, another Pixel game) will announce
himself with a troupee of little puffer fish. These puffer fish will swarm over
to the right side of the screen, where they'll puff up and fall back to the
left. You can kill them when they're harmless, before they puff up, as well as
afterwards. There are also a number of heavy blocks flying past which cause
contact damage.

Shortly after the puffer fish arrive, Ironhead will swim by. Make sure you're
not too close to the left edge of the screen so he can't hurt you. He'll fall
back, like the puffer fish do, and disappear for a while... then the cycle
starts again.

The Blade is effective to kill off the puffer fish and hurt Ironhead, but your
Polar Star/upgrade can be used as well. If you don't take any damage during
this fight, you'll get a little reward trinket.

 /                       HP: 500  :  [DGON] +++ Difficulty: **                :
-  13. The Sisters (Egg Corridor) : Recommended Weapons: Blade, WOC           :

The Sisters are a pair of brown Sky Dragons who apparently survived the early
hatching. They aren't too difficult.

These dragons will fly around the platform you're on. When either widens its
eyes and opens its mouth, it's getting ready to breathe fire at you. Shoot it
to stun it and prevent it from doing this. If you have the Spur, you can charge
up until a dragon's mouth is open, then fire it for some nice damage. You can't
do anything to them when they're not preparing to fire, and they won't hurt
you, either.

Some time into the battle, both dragons will open their mouths. They can't be
stunned now, so get ready to destroy the fireballs with your weapon. It helps
to stand a bit to the side so the fire can't converge and overwhelm you.

**NOTE: When you get to the Plantation, be sure and talk to Cthulhu/Curly until
the mushroom is brought up. Then, head to the Cemetary in Mimiga Town and boost
up to the door. Get the badge from Ma Pignon, check it out in your inventory,
and talk to him again to initiate a fight... finally, give the resulting item
to Curly. All this is only if you're going for the extra stuff, of course. If
Curly's dead just ignore this part.**

 /                       HP: 300  :  [MPIG] +++ Difficulty: *    Recommended  :
-  14. Ma Pignon (Cemetary)       : Weapons: WOC, not the Blade or Missiles   :

An optional fight (see the NOTE above). Ma Pignon is a blue mushroom guy. He's
immune to the Blade and Missiles.

Ma Pignon will hop around, so just fire away out of reach. When he turns white,
he'll be invincible and will headbutt the wall, so jump out of the way. Rocks
will start falling from the ceiling, but they're easy enough to dodge.

When Ma Pignon heads to the center of the room and jumps up, out of sight,
little blue mushrooms that look identical to him will rain down. They're all
killed in just one hit, although one of them is really the true Ma Pignon.

 /                       HP: 300  :  [DMON] +++ Difficulty: ***  Recommended  :
-  15. Red Demon (Last Cave)      : Weapons: WOC (especially Spur), Nemesis   :

This boss can only be accessed if you got the improved Booster (meaning you
didn't talk to human-Booster back in the Labyrinth) and are NOT wearing the
Mimiga Mask (meaning you traded it back with Momorin, Sue's mother). Otherwise,
you'll be in a different version of Last Cave, with no Red Demon.

The main difficulty here is the fact that there are no save points between the
beginning of Last Cave and the Red Demon. If you didn't keep your HP up, you'll
more than likely have some trouble with this fight.

Red Demon looks, and acts, like a Droll. He'll throw 3 spinning blades at you
from his standing point, then jump up and throw 3 more. Use the Booster to
dodge them upwards, or even Boost under Red Demon to the other side. Don't
jump around when he's not jumping, and the blades won't even touch you.

The Nemesis works really well here, unless you accidentally leveled it up. You
can also charge your Spur while dodging: 5 full Spur shots will kill him off.

Interesting fact: If you talk to Jack at one point, in Mimiga Town, he'll tell
you that Arthur died trying to defeat a 'red demon' that had been terrorizing
them. Huh.

 /                       HP: 500  :  [MSRY] +++ Difficulty: ***  Recommended  :
-  16. Misery (Throne Room)       : Weapons: WOC (especially Spur), Nemesis   :

Misery, on her own, is surprisingly easy to beat. You'll have to fight several
bosses in succession, though, with few chances to gain back HP, so it's
important to avoid getting hit here. Try to get to the next boss with 30+ HP.

There are a number of different attacks she'll use, and a specific pattern to

1. Misery will start flashing and will be impervious to your attacks. She'll
then shoot five dark orbs in your general direction. Keep your distance and put
the Booster to good use.
2. If you're fairly far away from her, Misery will conjure up a chain of three
floating orbs which will drift over to you. Run under them, and they'll turn
into bolts of lighting and disappear. Just running past them is fast enough to
not get you hit, provided you don't change direction partway through.
3. Repeat #1.
4. Repeat #1.
5. She'll now summon a large block directly above your head, after doing the
invincibility thing. It causes 10 damage, so run or Boost to the left or right
to avoid it.

...The cycle then repeats. Try to just get the sequence down and practice
dodging, your first time through the fight. It's really important that you keep
your HP at a decent level. In between attacks, she'll teleport somewhere else
in the room, so you might have to chase her down a bit.

In terms of weaponry, the Spur will be your best friend here. You can charge
it while dodging, then run over to Misery and fire an upwards shot to take away
a nice chunk of health. In fact, if you charge up before starting the fight,
you pretty much get a free shot in, since you keep the charge. If you don't
have the Spur, you can use your Snake/Machine Gun or the Nemesis, or even the

After causing a good amount of damage to her, Misery will gain a rotating
shield composed of two separate black rings. These rings stay close to her and
then gradually widen their rotation arc. You can't destroy them and they'll
hurt you if you touch them. When the witch teleports away, these rings will
turn into orange bats that fly around a bit, and disappear upon hitting the
ground. You can get powerups from them, which actually makes the Nemesis a
risky choice. Better to use a different weapon. Keep jumping and firing in the
shield gaps, or if you're daring, get in close and fire upwards.

After really bringing her health down, she'll now have four shield rings. As
before, you can only hurt Misery when there's an opening in the shields or by
getting in close. Bit of a pain, but doable.

 /                       HP: 300  :  [DOC1] +++ Difficulty: ***  Recommended  :
-  17. The Doctor (King's Table)  : Weapons: WOC (especially Spur), Nemesis   :

The 'big boss' of Cave Story--the guy who makes all the evil plans, maintains a
consistent knowing smirk, and refuses to fight you directly up until the last
moment--is actually as easy to beat as Misery. Well, this form is, anyways.

The Doctor has two forms of attack. His first is to send out two red streams of
energy which will weave their way across the room, bouncing higher as they go
along. The energy acts as a kind of shield, preventing you from harming the
Doctor. Boost (or Machine Gun) your way above them, or stay in between the
weave when it creates a 'hole'.

His second attack is to appear mid-air, then cast out lots of little energy
balls which will slowly bounce around the room. Run to the other side of the
room to stall for time, then dodge them as they come over. They disappear
pretty quickly.

After attacking, the Doctor will always teleport away, sometimes quite close to
you and sometimes at the other side of the room. The little red crystal he was
boasting about in the pre-fight cutscene will NOT teleport, however, instead
following him around and giving you an idea of where he'll be. The ideal time
to attack the Doctor is when he's just teleported--charge your Spur beforehand,
then unleash it when you have the chance. If you didn't get the Spur, just spam
the Nemesis, Blade, Snake or Machine Gun.

 /                       HP: 300  :  [DOC2] +++ Difficulty: **  Recommended   :
-  18. The Doctor (King's Table)  : Weapons: WOC (especially Spur), Nemesis   :

Congratulations, you've defeated one of the most major bosses in Cave Stor--oh,
never mind then. True to big boss style, the Doctor has multiple forms. Luckily
for you, this one's actually easier.

The Doctor, now considerably more buff, will rely on his brute strength to kill
you off. Kind of like Igor way back when, just keep a nice safe distance while
shooting him. He'll jump towards you, and sometimes (after flashing red) will
dash at you briefly. He can still teleport, and will use the opportunity to
land on your head, so watch out!

There is also one other attack that you need to be ready for. When the Doctor
puts his hands together, a giant swarm of bats will stream out. Stand close to
him and mash the X button, or unleash a charged Spur shot, to kill them
quickly. If you mess up and the bats are all over the room, continue to dodge
the Doctor while shooting any and all bats that get in your way. Shoot while
you jump, shoot upwards when you're on the ground, just keep shooting and the
bats won't get you.

**NOTE: After killing the Doctor, speak to Chaco a couple of times and she'll
make the Mimiga workers blush, collectable hearts appearing above their heads.
With the Booster, you should be able to get most or even all of them. I
recommend ignoring the one to the far left, instead boosting upwards for the
lone heart, then going to the right and getting all the ones over there. You
only miss out on one that way.**

 / Sue: 500/Misery: 600/Core: 700 :  [NDED] +++ Difficulty: ***** Recommended :
-  19. Undead Core (Black Space)  : Weapons: WOC (especially Spur), Blade     :

This may or may not be the last boss in the game, depending on the choices you
made. If you did all that extra fun stuff with Curly/the Booster, there will be
a different 'final' boss. If not, this is it, so have fun! Also, charge your
Spur, if you have it, before moving to the right for a free shot.

First, notice Sue. She can float in midair, gain a short burst of
invincibility (marked by flashing) and somersault at you, but that's it.
Shooting her will stun her, so she's not a big deal unless she's in your way.

Then there's Misery. Misery will summon large groups of either Critters (which
will hop along the lower floor), bats (which will fly at you), or homing fish
(which will fly right towards you from above and below and the sides, and are a
huge nuisance). All will drop powerups when killed.

Finally, the Core itself. Those mini-cores from your first battle will now act
as moving platforms, flying horizontally across the screen, back and forth. The
big core has three different methods of attack, which you can predict:

-It opens up and reveals an orange skull: The Core will fire small bursts of
energy that bounce along the ceiling and floor. Stay on the stationary platform
or a mini-core to avoid these.
-It opens up and bares a set of teeth: The Core will fire rapidly spinning
projectiles at you. Jump/Boost out of harm's way.
-It opens up, showing a wide-open mouth: The Core will fire both its attacks,
along with three giant balls of energy that travel in a straight line. These
reeeeally hurt quite a lot. This attack starts when the Core's at low health.

I recommend charging the Spur when you can, like always, then either Boosting
up or using the mini-cores to get to the big core. Stay on high ground and
you'll be completely safe if it's the skull, but you need to be careful if it's
the teeth, and just get the heck out of there if it's the mouth. If you opted
for the Snake or Machine Gun, those will work as well. The Nemesis would be
great if it weren't for all the crystals dropped by Misery's pets, but you may
get some use out of it yet. If you're stuck with no weapon upgrade and no
Nemesis for some reason, use the Blade.

You have the choice of either dealing with Sue and Misery and then moving on to
the Undead Core, or focusing on the Core only while ignoring his two minions.
What I usually do is kill off Sue quickly, then get in as many shots at Misery
as I can while always making sure to hit the Core once it's active. You can
even purposely keep Misery alive if you're good at dodging, since she may give
back more health than you lose, what with all the powerups. The rocket fish are
pretty annoying though.

**NOTE: DO NOT use missiles here if you're going for the secret stage/boss.
You'll need them. Also, in the next part of the game, you need to dodge EVERY
block and not get hit once. It's essential. If you mess up, there are some save
files available at with max HP just before the secret stage.**

 /                       HP: 700  :  [PRSS] +++ Difficulty: **    Recommended :
- 20. Heavy Press (Sacred Grounds): Weapons: WOC, Nemesis, Super Missiles     :

Heavy Press is a giant version of the Presses you run into so often. You know,
those rectangular cyclops blocks that kill you if they land on you.

Unlike reglular Presses, this one can shoot. Right at the start of the match,
unleash a pre-charged Spur if you can (upwards, of course). Then, move out of
the way, since Heavy Press will fire lightning downwards. It'll stay dormant in
between lighting shots, so attack it whenever it's not charging up lightning.
Butes will also be flying in from both sides, and there are two Rollings that
you need to jump over occasionally. Don't bother Boosting or anything, just tap
the Z key when you need to.

There are a couple of different ways to approach this fight. My personal
favorite is to blast Heavy Press with Super Missiles right off the bat, jump
out of the way while he fires the first bolt of lighting, then finish him off
with the missiles. This won't be as easy if you didn't get them to level 3,
though--and you need to save around 30+ of them. Just use your next-strongest
weapon and you'll be fine.

One more thing: Once you've killed Heavy Press, IMMEDIATELY Boost to the side.
Otherwise, he'll crush you and you'll be dead. It's not very fun being dead.

 /  HP: 1000/800/100 per eye/500  :  [HELL] +++ Difficulty: ***** Recommended :
-  21. Ballos (Seal Chamber)      : Weapons: WOC, Nemesis, Super Missiles     :

Personally, I hate Ballos. I can't stand him. He's ugly, orange, and he looks
like a frog. Therefore, I shall call him "Ugly Orange Frog Man". Bear with me.

Alright. First, let's observe the room: Spike traps on either side, along with
one safe landing spot in the midst of each. The ceiling is quite high up, so
there's tons of space to use your Booster. Try and get a good sense of how much
floor space you have between the spikes. Breathe easy! Relaaaaax. You're almost
certainly going to die your first few tries, so learn from your mistakes and
don't give up. Eventually, you'll get to the stage where Ugly Orange Frog Man
doesn't seem hard ENOUGH to beat!

=First Form=
If you charged up your Spur before initiating this, don't let it go just yet.
Ugly Orange Frog Man will be invincible until he raises his palm, in which case
fire away! Don't ever stop shooting. I would seriously recommend the Nemesis
here if you've got it.

Ugly Orange Frog Man starts by charging at you. Remember that Curly will still
hit him even if you're running away. Boost upwards (shooting down as you go),
and he'll chase you up. He'll then charge left or right at you, and then down
at you, scattering bones when he lands. In short: Dodge and Boost away from him
while shooting like a maniac, and jump over all the bones. If you're quick
enough, he won't even have time to use his next attack.

...His next attack, if you get to that point, is to float up into the air and
send down strikes of lightning. The lightning is announced with green
crosshairs on the ground, so avoid those crosshairs to not get hit. Keep
shooting upwards! If he's still not dead by this point, he'll send down an
entire row of lightning, one strike after the other, before coming back down
and charging around again.

=Second Form=
After flying up into the air, Ugly Orange Frog Man will crash down, turning
into Ugly Orange Rock Thing. Look out for the warning crosshair, and Boost to
the side to avoid getting hit. Ugly Orange Rock Thing will now start jumping
at you, scattering bones when he lands. Just Boost away from the bones. If he
gets too close for comfort and you're getting pushed into the spikes, on his
next jump, quickly Boost under him and to the other side.

Ugly Orange Rock Thing jumps exactly twice at first, before resting. After that
first time, he'll jump three times before resting. When he's resting, you need
to Boost up where either of his eyes are--you can actually stand on a little
platform there, just beside the eye. Now fire away. By charging up the Spur
beforehand, you can kill him pretty quickly, just by unleashing those Spur
shots whenever you have the chance to get onto the platform. If you don't have
the Spur, you can use missiles, but be careful to keep around 20+ for the last

Also note the green guys flying around the top of the room. They drop powerups
for you. If you have the Life Pot, you'll probably end up using it during this
form. Preserve it for as long as you can, but don't be TOO conservative--if
you're at 10 HP or less, use the Life Pot immediately, or you risk being offed.

=Third Form=
Ugly Orange Rock Thing now has a rotating circle of eyes surrounding him. He
will move clockwise along the floor, walls, and ceiling while the eyes spin
around. Shoot upwards with either the Spur or Nemesis (or another weapon if you
have neither, you silly thing) when he's on the ceiling, while moving to the
right. Skulls will be falling down, but just keep moving and shooting and they
won't bother you.

When Ugly Orange Rock Thing reaches the ground, get in between two of the eyes
so they don't crush you, and just keep shooting. When an eye is dead, it will
close. When all the eyes are closed, Ugly Orange Rock Thing will move to the
center of the screen...

=Fourth Form=


Ugly Orange Rock Thing now gets platforms rotating around him along with the
dead eyes. He won't do anything just yet. Position yourself so you can Boost up
to his left eye socket (his ACTUAL eye), and wait until spears start coming out
of the ground. As soon as one hits you, Boost up past the spinning eyes, using
the brief invincibility the spear just gave you, and land on the eye socket
platform. Quickly switch to your Missile Launcher. When Ugly Orange Rock Thing
wakes up, spam missiles like crazy, right into his head. A satisfying victory.

(You should need exactly 12 missiles if they're upgraded and at level 3, but I
recommend saving a few more in case you delevel by accident. If he's still
alive and you're out of missiles, very quickly switch to another weapon you can
finish him off with. Also, you can switch weapons in the Items screen, which
may gain you a few seconds during any part of the fight.)


If you want to take Ballos down with a little more effort, tuck those missiles
away. Red archer Butes will be spawning, either flying at you or shooting from
afar. Ballos now takes damage from any shot that gets past the rotating eyes
and platform; you don't need to aim through his skull any more. The eyes that 
are opened can also be shot--they'll fall down, then start bouncing along the
floor in high arcs, causing contact damage if they reach you.

Since the platforms aroung Ballos rotate, you'll want to either keep Boosting
upwards to the next platform, or keep falling downwards to make sure you're
constantly firing at him.

You should first focus on eliminating the open eyes. This will make it far
easier to hit Ballos, as there will be wider gaps between the remaining 'dead'
eyes. The Blade is ideal here (not the Nemesis, since there's a small danger
from Bute crystals and you reeeally don't want to be stuck with rubber duck
projectiles). The Butes flying around are rather dastardly, but do remember
that Curly will protect you to some extent, making it easier to kill the big

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// V. 0.60 - April 26, 2009 //
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// V. 0.65 - May 1, 2009 //
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the Contents, since they had some non-existant tags.

// V. 1.00 - June 4, 2009 //
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Thanks to...
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My parents, since otherwise I wouldn't exist and neither would this FAQ

Info sources...
A few strategies/ideas were from various other people, including the FAQ makers
of gamefaqs. Everything was tested by me.
I also used for some HP counts, as well as Youtube videos.

Contributions sent in...
Corey R. -- lots of HP info and some HP fixes as well. Also noted that Ma
 Pignon is immune to 2 weapons. Thanks :)

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