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                       Find Mii II
                       Rabbit Locations
                       January 3rd, 2012
                       By: shadowmathfreak (Jeffrey Feng)
                       Copyright  (c)  2012  Jeffrey Feng
                       Version 0.5

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Table of Contents

1. Basic Info
2. The Quest
3. Secret Quest
4. Credits

1. Basic Info

Did you complete the original Find Mii twice? Find it too easy? Well, for 
those who did, and found all the hats in the original quest, Find Mii II 
is available, but you'll need to download the system update that was 
available on December 2011. For those currently reading this guide, if 
your system is up to date, then you're good to go. Just make sure 
you've completed Find Mii twice and gotten all the hats.

Find Mii II plays a lot like the original Find Mii. However, in this new 
quest, enemies are tougher, new enemies are introduced, and you can now 
combine your heroes into teams to create devastating combos.

When you have a hero attack an enemy, that hero will attack three times 
before the enemy scares your hero away, unless you manage to defeat it. 
The amount of damage you deal is determined by the level of your hero.
A level 1 hero will do 1 damage per hit, while a level 6 hero will do 6 
damage per hit. A critical hit deals three times the normal damage. To 
increase the level of your heroes, you must Streetpass  with another Mii
multiple times. The level of any hero cannot exceed 7. However, in this 
quest, you're able to team up heroes and attack together. Only similar or 
same colors may team up. What constitues similar colors is unknown to me 
at this moment. The level of a team is determined by adding the levels of 
the two heroes together, then adding one to that number. For example, a 
combo of a level 5 and a level 3 hero will team up to form a level 9 team. 
That team then can attack for 9 damage per hit! It's very useful, as you 
can get more damage than you normally would from attacking with a single hero.

If you decide to use magic, your hero will cast his or her magic once,
before getting tired and retreat. Magic can be useful for attacking 
and powering up your heroes. Keep in mind that some magic is useful for
only the current room. The effect wears off when all of your heroes have 
fled, or you clear the current room.

The list of magic is as follows. The magic a hero casts is dependent on
the color of the shirt he or she is wearing:

Purple - Poisons enemy. At the end of each round, the enemy will take a 
         single damage of health before scaring your hero off. If you have 
         ten heroes with you, cast the purple magic first for best results.
Red - Fire Magic. This is one of the only two magic spells that deals damage.
      Can hit through shields.
Pink - Fills all subsequent heroes with daring. The chance of a critical hit 
       increases, but the chance of missing also increases. Your hero won't 
       flee until he or she attacks at least once.
Light Blue - Freezes all enemies in the room. Allows your hero to get in extra
             hits until the enemy unfreezes.
Dark Blue - Water Magic. The other of the two magic that deals damage. Again, 
            useful for attacking through shields if you do not have a specific
            Mii of a certain color.
Yellow - Summons a sandstorm. Reduces the accuracy of your own heroes, but also
         reduces the accuracy of the enemies.
Green - Strengthens the next hero in line, doubling their original level, so a
        level 2 hero behind the hero casting green magic would temporarily be 
        level 4. However, this magic is only good for the next hero in line, 
        not every other hero. If you decide to switch heroes after casting the
        magic, you've essentially wasted that magic. No levels can exceed 7, 
        so you cannot use green magic to buff a level 6 hero to level 12. How
        unfortunate. :(
Orange - Invigorates all subsequent heroes, granting them an extra attack per
         round. This means all heroes/teams will attack four times instead of
         the usual three. One of the more useful magics out there.
White - Casts light magic. This is useful only for lighting up dark rooms.
Black - Casts a shadow over the room. This is useful only to darken dazzling 
Light Green - Puts all enemies in the room to sleep, allowing your heroes to 
              get extra hits in before your enemies wake up.
Brown - Summons a wandering hero. The level of the hero may be higher, lower, 
        or the same as the hero casting it, so you may get unlucky, or you 
        just might simply get a hero with a useful magic spell.

You can also combine spells in this new quest. Only teams of the same color 
can use combination spells:
Dark Blue + Dark Blue = Attacks with great water damage.
Red + Red = Attacks with great fire damage.
Yellow + Yellow = Summons a great sandstorm.
Green + Green = Greatly strengthens the next hero in line.
Light Green + Light Green = Puts enemies in an even deeper sleep. Go attack 
Light Blue + Light Blue = Same as light green in terms of effects.
Orange + Orange = Greatly invigorates all subsequent heroes, allowing them 
                  even more attacks to the usual three you get.
Purple + Purple = Inflicts enemy with deadly poison, taking two damage 
                  at the end of each set of attacks instead of one.

I'll test out the other magic combos later.

Another thing to note is that when two same colored Miis perform a combo 
attack, they get one extra hit, allowing four hits instead of the usual three.

You have to rescue your Mii and his two children, but how can you rescue them 
without heroes? In Find Mii II, you can gather heroes through Streetpass, 
hiring wandering heroes, or hiring old allies. Streetpass costs nothing, 
however, hiring allies do.

You can hire wandering heroes like in the original quest, at the cost of two 
play coins. Unfortunately, their levels can only be level one or two.

New to Find Mii II, you have the option to hire old allies, up to three at any 
given time. These are Miis you have Streetpassed with, and helped you in your 
original Find Mii quest. The cost to hire a level 1 old ally is 3 play coins, 
and the cost increases for each level, up to 9 play coins for a level 7 hero. 
They cost a lot because you could potentially have a couple level 7s at your 
disposal, or you might need a specific magic user.

You can only have a maximum of ten heroes in any given session.

Also new to Find Mii II is the ability to purchase potions. These potions can 
benefit you during battle in certain ways. The potions are as followed:

Vial of Valor - Calls back up to three heroes that have left the battle. Costs 
                8 play coins to purchase. This potion is especially useful if 
                you have two level 7 heroes who left, as it would normally 
                cost 18 play coins to hire them from the start.
Power Potion - When you use this potion, the next hero in line will have their 
               level doubled, so it is essentially green magic, but at the cost 
               of 20 play coins. Remember that recalling the hero will waste 
               that potion, so order your heroes carefully!
Dispelling Draft - Blows away the enemy's gas at the cost of 2 play coins. 
                   Useful in rooms where enemy spews gas that prevents you 
                   from using magic, weakening your heroes, etc.
Bottled Barrier - Prevents enemies from using their magic. If you know an enemy 
                  will cast magic at a later time, you can use 2 play coins to 
                  prevent them from doing so.

Now, select Venture Forth, and proceed with the quest!

2. The Quest

Perilous Prairie – Entrance
Enemies – Yellow Slime (10 HP)
Nothing too special here. If you have a level 4+ Mii it will go down pretty 
quickly if none of your attacks miss.
Rewards: Yoshi Hat, Peach’s Crown (2nd playthrough), Boo Hat (3rd playthrough)

Perilous Prairie – Exit
Enemies – Yellow Slime (x2) (10 HP each)
It’s pretty much the same as the previous room, except there are two of them 
now. Easy enough if you have level 4+ Miis.

At this point, there’s a fork in the path. The top path leads to the Bewitching 
Bog area, while the bottom path leads to the Ransacked Ruins area. I’ll be 
covering both areas.

Bewitching Bog – West
Enemies – Blue Slime (25 HP)
Unfortunately a level 7 Mii cannot defeat this enemy by his or her self unless 
there’s a critical hit, or the Blue Slime is put to sleep or frozen, or if a 
previous orange Mii uses its magic. Otherwise, it’s the same as any other 

Bewitching Bog – East
Enemies – Blue Slime (25 HP), Yellow Slime (10 HP)
Try to knock out the Yellow Slime with a single Mii or single team if 
possible, because if you don’t, the blue slime will use healing magic to
restore some HP to the yellow slime.
Rewards – Top Hat

Ransacked Ruins – West
Enemies – Shambling Mummy (15 HP)
The mummy will scare off the first hero in line unless the Mii’s color is the 
same as the mummy. Attack it, shouldn’t be long before it goes down.

Ransacked Ruins – East
Enemies – Shambling Mummy (15 HP), Yellow Slime with yellow shield (10 HP)
Once again, the mummy will scare off your first Mii unless it’s the same color 
as the enemy. Attack the yellow slime with a yellow, or use blue or red magic 
for less damage.
Rewards – Pirate Hat

No matter if you picked the top or the bottom path, they eventually meet up at 
the Restless Rise.

Restless Rise – South
Enemies – Blue Ghost (25 HP)
The blue ghost will use mirage magic, creating a fake clone of itself. If your 
hero attacks the fake clone, he or she will give up and turn back. However, the 
blue ghost won’t create another clone for one turn, giving you the chance to 
attack the real deal. Another way to deal with this bastard is to bring a 
red-shirt Mii. If that Mii uses his fire magic, he or she will destroy the fake 
clone and damage the real one as well.
Rewards: Arwing Hat, Triforce Hat (2nd playthrough), Fox Hat (3rd playthrough)

Restless Rise – North
Enemies – Armored Ghost (20 HP)
Level 1s won’t dent this enemy at all unless they somehow manage to get a 
critical hit. This enemy takes damage one less than the level of your Mii/team. 
For example, a level 5 Mii will only deal four damage in this case. Either use 
level 2+ heroes, use green magic or a Power Potion to temporarily boost the 
levels of your Miis, use the magic of a red or blue shirt Mii, or combo team 
the armored ghost.

Upon defeating the armored ghost, the prince will be freed.

Once again, there’s a fork in the path, however, this time there are three 
choices. You can take the top path towards Mount Malice, the middle path to 
the Forest of Sorrow, or the bottom path to the Diabolical Altar. Like always, 
I will cover all three paths.

Mount Malice – West
Enemies – Granite Golem (25 HP)
This guy is tough. The granite golem will take damage two less than the level 
of your hero/team, so a level four team will only deal two HP of damage per 
hit. Use the same tactics as you would against the armored ghost, except this 
time, don’t allow a level 2 hero attack by him or herself unless you’re 
confident with critical hits.

Mount Malice – East
Enemies – Pink Slime (50 HP)
For every Mii/team that doesn’t defeat the pink slime, it will use growth magic 
on itself. I have no idea what that magic does, so if you know what it does, 
let me know and I’ll credit you for it. Just unleash your attacks on him, 
combined with sleep/freezing spells, and he’ll go down before you know it.
Rewards – Cheeseburger Hat

Diabolical Altar – West
Enemies – Shambling Mummy (15 HP), Yellow Ghost with Shadowlight Shield (10 HP)
Like always, the shambling mummy scares off the first Mii unless a certain 
condition applies. In order to get rid of the Shadowlight Shield, you must 
use a combo attack with a black shirt Mii and a white shirt Mii. Alternatively,
just attack with red or blue magic for less damage.

Diabolical Altar – East
Enemies – Armored Ghost (20 HP), Roaming Mummy (30 HP)
Upon entering this room, you’ll notice you’re in an extremely bright, dazzling 
room. You need to use a black shirt Mii’s magic to return the room to seeable 
condition. All other heroes in front are wasted. The easiest way to use the 
least amount of play coins is to streetpass with someone you know that has a 
black shirt Mii. Upon getting rid of the light, the roaming mummy will scare 
your next hero in line unless certain conditions apply. The armored ghost 
takes less damage once again. Defeat the enemies to clear the room. Nothing 
too special about this room.
Rewards: Ninja Hood, Soccer Ball Hat (2nd playthrough)

After clearing the eastern part of the Diabolical Altar, you come across yet 
another fork in the path. However, the bottom path is blocked unless you have 
the Bronze Key, which can only be obtained after clearing this quest two times. 
If you don’t have the Bronze Key, you’ll be forced to take the top path, 
towards the Forest of Sorrow. If you’re on your third playthrough, keep reading 
ahead. If not, skip ahead to the Forest of Sorrow.

Ominous Shrine
Enemies – Golden Golem (65 HP)
Oooooh, a shiny enemy. Like any golem, he takes two less damage than he 
normally would. Team up to create high levels and keep attacking him to bring 
this shiny guy down.
Rewards – Shy Guy Mask

Forest of Sorrow – Entrance
Enemies – Armored Demon (40 HP)
Nothing special about this room besides the demon having +1 defense.

Forest of Sorrow – Exit
Enemies – Reaper Cadet (30 HP)
Upon entering this room, you’ll notice it is filled with poison. You’ll need to 
use two consecutive yellow shirt Miis in order to get rid of the poison using 
sandstorm magic. Upon clearing the poison, the enemy spews curse gas, which I 
have no idea what it does because I OHKOed it in one round. This enemy takes 
one less damage than usual.
Rewards: Floral Hat

Castle of Darkness – Entrance
Enemies – Iron Golem (45 HP)
The iron golem is essentially a buffed up granite golem. Once again, he takes 
two less damage from regular attacks, however, in addition, he also takes 
slightly less damage from magical attacks. Unleash your attacks and he’ll go 
down eventually.

Upon defeating the golem, the princess will be freed. Only your Mii remains!

Castle of Darkness – Courtyard
Enemies – Roaming Mummy (30 HP), Marauding Mummy (45 HP)
The roaming mummy will scare off the first hero in line in your party unless 
you’re the same color as it is, so make sure that hero is a low leveled one 
or is the same color. On occasion, the roaming mummy will use healing magic, 
restoring some of the marauding mummy’s HP. Just keep attacking them and 
they’ll eventually go down before long.
Rewards: Epona’s Hat, Cake Hat (2nd playthrough), Pizza Hat (3rd playthrough)

Castle of Darkness – Throne Room
Enemies – Armored Demon (40 HP), Reaper Captain (45 HP)
When you enter this room, you’ll see it is in flames. To extinguish the flames, 
you must have two CONSECUTIVE dark blue Miis in your party. Any other heroes 
in front of them, if any, are a waste. The two Miis will then use combo magic, 
then retreat due to tiredness. After the flames are gone, the reaper captain 
will spew barrier gas, preventing you from using magic, unless you use the 
dispelling draft. Both enemies take one less damage than they normally would 
from regular attacks. Keep attacking them and they’ll both eventually go down.
Rewards: Donkey Kong Hat, Beehive Wig (2nd playthrough), Red Ribbon (3rd 

Castle of Darkness – Roof (Final Room)
Enemies – Armored Archfiend (60 HP)
You’ll see your imprisoned Mii as soon as you walk into this room. Like always, 
armored enemies take one less damage than they normally would. After the 
archfiend scares off a Mii, it will cast fortifying magic, which makes it 
stronger against your attacks, increasing its defense by 1 each time, which 
can be troublesome if you stay in the room too long without defeating it. Use 
a combination of magic and high level Miis if you have them. Light-green and 
Light-blue Miis are especially helpful here, as they enable you to get in extra 
attacks. Orange Miis work too. You can purchase a dispelling draft to get rid 
of the magic as well.

Upon freeing your Mii, a hand grabs the ruler of the kingdom.

Ultimate Ghost – 150 HP
The final boss of the previous Find Mii returns, and scares away the first Mii 
in your party. It will also spew level down gas, which temporarily lowers all 
of the Miis in your party by 1. Level 1s however cannot be weakened any further.
Purchase a dispelling draft if you desire to return your levels to normal. Use 
a combination of orange, light blue, light green heroes, and high leveled 
heroes to take down the ultimate ghost.

Upon defeating the Ultimate Ghost, your Mii rejoices again, until being 
grabbed YET AGAIN.

Dark Lord – 200 HP
Dang this guy has TONS of HP. Neither Light blue nor light green magic will 
affect him. It will take a while to bring this guy down if you don’t have two 
level 7 heroes wearing similar or same colors. He will also spew level down gas,
which you can get rid of with a dispelling draft. One he’s defeated, sit back 
and watch the ending.

Rewards: Prince’s Hat, Wario Cap and Bronze Key (2nd playthrough), Dark Lord 
Helmet (3rd playthrough)

After you beat the Find Mii II regular quest for the first time, the next time 
you play, you'll see there's an option for a secret quest. This quest involves 
even more places to explore, tougher enemies, and many more hats to collect. 
Venture forth if you dare!

3. Secret Quest

Perilous Prairie - Entrance
Enemies - Yellow Slime (x2) (10 HP each)
Nothing special for a beginning room, attack away and they'll go down quickly.
Rewards: Warp Pipe Hat, Daisy's Crown (2nd playthrough), Yellow Yoshi Hat
         (3rd playthrough)

Perilous Prairie - Exit
Enemies - Yellow Slime, Ghost with Yellow Shield (10 HP each)
Again, nothing special about this room. Be sure to attack the yellow ghost 
with a yellow hero, or use blue or red magic.

At this point you have three paths to choose from. One is blocked off at the 
moment, but as you read on, you'll know how to unlock the room. You can 
choose to go to the Bewitched Bog, Ransacked Ruins, or the Shrine of 
Judgment. The Shrine of Judgment is the path currently blocked.

1st path:
Bewitched Bog - West
Enemies - Yellow Slime, Ghost with Light Blue Shield (10 HP each)
Same as the Perilous Prairie - Exit, except the shield is light blue this
time, so attack with a light blue hero instead.

Bewitched Bog - East
Enemies - Blue Ghost (25 HP)
This ghost will use mirage magic, so either get lucky with hitting the real 
one, or use one hero to destroy the clone, then attack away before it creates 
a clone again. Don't use blue magic against this guy, it's useless.

Merciless Mountain - West
Enemies - Blood Red Ghost (50 HP)
Don't use red magic against this guy. Slash away and he'll go down eventually.
Rewards: Tomato Hat

Merciless Mountain - East
Enemies - Granite Golem (25 HP)
This guy, again, takes two less damage than the level of your hero/team. 
Use a team or level 3+ heroes to defeat this guy. Magic works wonders too.

The prince will be freed upon defeating the golem.

There's yet another fork in this road. You can proceed to the Forest of 
Fright, or the Dolorous Deepwood.

Forest of Fright - Entrance
Enemies - Reaper Cadet (30 HP)
This guy will spew curse gas upon the start, which may jinx your hero(es),
making them lose a turn and wasting your hero(es). Use a dispelling draft 
to get rid of the gas. This enemy takes one less damage than your level.

Forest of Fright - Exit
Enemies - Green Slime (7 HP)
This guy is infuriating. He will evade every single one of your attacks, even
magic, unless you put it to sleep or freeze it. Even then, he may still 
somehow evade. However, putting him to sleep or freezing him is the only 
way to even have a chance of hitting this guy. Luckily this guy has crap HP,
so a level 7 hero can take it out in one hit.
Rewards - Penguin Hat

Yet another fork in the road. It's either the Shrines of Shadows, or the
eastern part of Dolorous Deepwood.

Shrine of Shadows - West
Enemies - Reaper Cadet (30 HP), Blue Slime with Shadowlight Shield (25 HP)
The reaper cadet will spew curse gas again, so some of your heroes may get 
jinxed. Use a dispelling draft. Attack the slime with a combo of a black and
white shirted heroes to get rid of that shield.

Shrine of Shadows - East
Enemies - Marauding Mummy (x2) (45 HP each)
Your lead Mii will be scared off, but not all the time, but a high chance of 
running away. Slash away to bring them both down.
Rewards: Bear Hat

2nd path:
Ransacked Ruins - West
Enemies - Roaming Mummy (30 HP), Shambling Mummy with Yellow Shield (15 HP)
If the first mummy doesn't scare your hero away, the second one might, so it's
up to luck to see if you still have your first hero. Attack the shambling 
mummy with a yellow hero or use red or blue magic to defeat it.
Rewards: Panda Hat, Samurai Wig (2nd runthrough)

Ransacked Ruins - East
Enemies - Marauding Mummy (45 HP)
Again, your first hero in line might be scared off. Nothing special otherwise,
attack away.

Another fork. Choose whatever you haven't went through.

Restless Rise - South
Enemies - Armored Ghost (20 HP)
Don't attack with a lone level one hero using physical attacks and you should 
be good.
Rewards - Ice Cream Hat

Restless Rise - North
Enemies - Armored Demon (40 HP)
Same tactics apply for all +1 defense enemies.

The prince is freed afterwards.

Alternate path:
Dolorous Deepwood - West
Enemies - Armored Ghost (20 HP)
This room is filled with poison, so bring to consecutive yellow Miis to 
summon a sandstorm that gets rid of the poison. You should know how to take
down this guy by now.
Rewards: Lacy Headband

Dolorous Deepwood - East
Enemies - Reaper Captain (45 HP)
The captain will spew bubbles to prevent you from using magic. Take this guy 
down, make sure not to attack with level one heroes.

The prince is then freed.

Swamp of Sacrifice
Enemeis - Green Slime with Light Blue Shield (7 HP)
What makes this battle infuriating is not only a high evade enemy, 
but a shield to deal with as well. Put the green slime to sleep or 
freeze it, then hack away with a light blue hero.

Mount Malice - West
Enemies - Iron Golem (45 HP)
There are flames in this room, so douse it with two consecutive dark blue 
heroes. Don't attack with level 2s or lower.

Mount Malice - East
Enemies - Pink Slime (50 HP)
Nothing special, hack away.
Rewards: Hot Dog Hat

The prince is then freed.

Diabolical Altar - Front
Enemies - Rampaging Mummy (60 HP)
He'll scare your first hero off sometimes, so be prepared for that. Attack 
away to defeat him, nothing special otherwise.
Rewards: Silver Key, which unlocks the room at the beginning of the quest.

Forest of Sorrow - Entrance
Enemies - Two green slimes, one with Shadowlight Shield (7 HP each)
Wow, this has got to be the most annoying room yet. Two extremely evasive
enemies, one with a shield. Magic won't do anything, so you must bring 
a light blue or light green hero, along with a black and white hero, to 
bring these douches down. Even while frozen, they still manage to evade 
attacks. No freakin awards either. :(

Forest of Sorrow - Exit
Enemies - Armored Demon (40 HP), Reaper Captain (45 HP)
Again, poison fills the room, so bring two consecutive yellow Miis to do their
job. The reaper captain will spew barrier gas to prevent the use of magic.
You know what to do.
Rewards: Football Helmet

Silver Key Path:
Shrine of Judgment
Enemies - Iron Golem (45 HP)
Fire fills the room, so bring two consecutive dark blue heroes to extinguish 
the fire. Remember not to attack with anything lower than level 3.
Rewards: ? Block Hat, Chomp Hat

Dolorous Deepwood - South
Enemies - Armored Ghost (20 HP), Reaper Captain (45 HP)
The reaper spews barrier gas, so get a bottled barrier if you want to use 
magic. Attack with level 2s and above.

Dolorous Deepwood - East
Enemies - Reaper Captain
Just attack away, you're familiar with this now. He spews curse gas, so
purchase a dispelling draft.
The prince is freed after its defeat.

You have two paths to choose from. I'll cover both.

Diabolical Altar - West
Enemies - Roaming Mummy (30 HP), Marauding Mummy (45 HP)
Your lead hero might get scared off. Otherwise, nothing special.

Diabolical Altar - East
Enemies - Rampaging Mummy (75 HP)
Beware of getting scared off, that's all.
Rewards: Blooper Hat

Alternate Path
Perilous Peak - West
Enemies - Blood Ghost (50 HP)
Don't attack with red magic and you should be fine.
Rewards: Sunflower accessory

Perilous Peak - East
Enemies - Pink Slime (50 HP)
Attack away nothing special.

Ominous Shrine
Enemies - Golden Golem (65 HP)
Don't attack with level 1s or twos and you should be fine. Ice fills this 
room, so bring two consecutive red heroes to melt the ice.

Sealed Passage
Enemies - Reaper General (75 HP), Marauding Mummy (45 HP)
Another annoying room. The reaper general spews curse gas, the mummy might 
scare off your hero, and the reaper general takes two less damage than 
normal enemies. In addition, the general can COMPLETELY REVIVE the marauding
mummy. It would be in your best interest to get rid of the gas, and take 
down the reaper before taking down the mummy.
Rewards: Nintendo 3DS Hat, NES Hat

Castle of Darkness - Entrance
Enemies - Diamond Golem (85 HP)
Oooooo, another shiny enemy. This guy takes two less damage than your level.
In addition, he'll also use fortifying magic from time to time, making you 
cause less damage. Use high level Miis or red or blue magic to defeat this 
The princess will be freed upon the golem's defeat.

Castle of Darkness - Courtyard
Enemies - Reaper Captain (45 HP), Marauding Mummy (45 HP)
Upon entering this room, you'll notice it is covered in ice. You'll need 
two consecutive red shirt heroes to melt the ice covering the room. The 
marauding mummy will then sometimes scare off your lead Mii. AFTER that, 
the reaper captain will spew barrier gas, preventing you from using magic 
unless you purchase a dispelling draft. Remember that the reaper captain 
must be attacked by level 2+ heroes or teams.

Castle of Darkness - Throne Room
Enemies - Armored Demon (40 HP), Reaper Commander (60 HP)
Upon entering this room, you'll notice you cannot see anything, as it's pitch 
black. Bring a white hero for him or her to cast white magic to bring light 
into the room. The reaper captain will spew curse gas to jinx your heroes, 
so be sure to purchase a dispelling draft so you don't lose your heroes.
Every single enemy in this room must be attacked by level 2+ heroes/teams.
Rewards: Piranha Plant, Magic Hat (2nd playthrough), Devil Horns (3rd

Castle of Darkness - Roof
Enemies - Armored Archfiend (60 HP)
Attack away with level 2+ teams/heroes. Purchase the bottled barrier if you 
wish so he doesn't increase his defenses. Use blue or red magic as an 

Your Mii will then be freed. However, like the last quest, that is short

Ultimate Ghost - 150 HP
Same tip applies as in the regular quest.

After being freed YET AGAIN, your Mii rejoices until he or she is GRABBED

Dark Emperor - 250 HP
Wow, even more than the Dark Lord? This guy will spew level down gas, so
purchase a dispelling draft if you want to return your levels to normal. 
Just keep attacking and he'll go down after a long time. Thank god this guy 
has no armor...

Rewards: Princess's Crown, Waluigi Cap (2nd playthrough) and Golden Key (2nd
playthrough), Dark Emperor Helmet (3rd playthrough). The golden key unlocks 
the room in the bottom right of the map.

I know I'm still missing hats from this playthrough. If you know which 
hats are missing and how to obtain them, I'll give you credit the next time 
I update this FAQ.

4. Credits

-SBAllen, and CJayC before him, for running such a wonderful site.
-Nintendo, for making an awesome handheld, and including an awesome game
 within the handheld itself.