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Flower Town - Flowers/Items List by Valen-stein / silktail

Updated: 02/18/14

Breeds and Family

Number of Breeds: 80
Normal Breeds: 59Rare Breeds: 21
Number of plant colors: 305
Normal Breeds Colors: 284Rare Breeds Colors: 21
Normal Breeds Color Statistics
White: 49Light Green: 11Green: 10Light Blue: 11Blue: 11Purple: 32
Black: 9Brown: 13Pink: 43Red: 30Orange: 26Yellow: 39
Rare Breeds Color Statistics
White: 2Light Green: 1Green: 1Light Blue: 2Blue: 1Purple: 1
Black: 1Brown: 2Pink: 2Red: 3Orange: 3Yellow: 2


Color Reference:
LGLight GreenBRBrown
LBLight BlueRDRed
X means the base color you buy from the shop


Seed Reference:
AcornCircular light brown seed with a lower shell
LeafyCircular dark brown seed with an upper leaf
OvalLight green oval-ish seed
BumpyBrown pentagon-ish seed with a pointy top

Common Breeds

Patterna Family / Clusteria Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
1Pixie's ChairOval10600g3000g6WTLBPKRDXYLComfort
2Charming SuitorBumpy10750g2500g5WTBLPPPKX
3Dollhouse DaisyLeafy10700g2500g7WTLGBRPKRDXYLComfort
6Dixie GoldLeafy10700g2500g2XYLRound/Medicine/Lucky
7Prima DonnaBumpy10700g2500g3WTXPPRound/Romance
8Prairie ShawlBumpy8600g3500g4WTLGBLXRound
9Proud DuchessAcorn10850g2000g9WTGRBLXBKBRPKRDYLRound/Medicinal
Hogsmile = Naenira (EU Version)
Dixie Gold = Angel's Gold (EU Version)
Prairie Shawl= Hillside Shawl (EU Version)
Gloria Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
2Regal SonnetOval10800g2000g7WTGRPPBRPKXOR
3Squirrel's EarAcorn10650g3000g8XGRPPBKPKRDORYLRomance
4Morning EchoOval10750g2500g3XLGYLPointy
5Holland BreezeAcorn4850g7000g9WTLGPPBKBRPKXORYLRound/Pointy(?)
7Shepherd's RestAcorn9650g3000g3XORYLRomance
8Arching CraneBumpy8550g4000g3WTPPX
Regal Sonnet = Regina Sanguin (EU Version)
Holland Breeze = Ottoman's Hat (EU Version)
Sedalia = Sedalius (EU Version)
Shepherd's Rest = Shepherd's Star (EU Version)
Prospera Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
2Velvet LadyBumpy10600g3000g9WTGRLBPPBRXRDORYLRound/Comfort/Fragrance/Medicinal
4Sleeping StarAcorn10600g3000g9WTGRBLPPBRPKRDORXRomance
5Merry MoppetAcorn10600g3000g8WTXBKBRPKRDORYL
6Leon del SolOval4750g7000g4BKBRORXPointy/Edible
7Shy MaidenOval10600g3000g8XGRBKBRPKRDORYLPointy/Edible
8Wild LanaiLeafy9600g3000g2ORXRound(?)/Pointy/Medicinal
9Crema BelleLeafy7800g4000g6WTLBXPKRDYLPointy
Ondinetta = Pattersplash (EU Version)
Velvet Lady = Velvet Kiss (EU Version)
Nirvanallia = Sotyria (EU Version)
Sleeping Star= Maiden of the Wilds (EU Version)
Shy Maiden = Shy Lady (EU Version)
Paradisa Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
1Tropical BashoLeafy9500g3500g7WTGRPPBRPKXYLPointy
2Lucky ArrowheadBumpy10850g2000g5WTBLXPKYLLucky
6Alabaster MorrisLeafy5800g6000g1XPointy(?)
7Magnum OculusBumpy4850g8000g4WTPKXYLRound(?)/Pointy(?)
9Trailing PinwheelAcorn10850g2000g5PPPKRDXYLRound(?)
Tropical Basho = Flamenco Tail (EU Version)
Lucky Arrowhead = Tropical Arrowhead (EU Version)
Nymphicus = Cockatiel Plume (EU Version)
Dragonail = Forked Flame (EU Version)
Mysteria Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
1Fairy's BreathAcorn10750g2500g2XPKRound(?)
2Autumn GuestLeafy10650g3000g6WTBKXRDORYLComfort
8Sweet ConfettiAcorn10800g2000g5WTPPXRDYLFragrance
Fairy's Breath = Fairy Dust (EU Version)
Hydrasta = Honeydrop (EU Version)
Innocentia Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
2Spring PeplumAcorn10800g2000g5WTPPXRDYL
3Dainty MorganaOval10800g2000g6WTLGLBXPKORPointy/Medicinal/Comfort/Edible
4Mermaid's CombOval10850g2000g6WTBLXPKORYLPointy/Fragrant
5Bella CantataOval4600g8500g4WTLBXPKRound
6Lookout's LanternBumpy4850g6500g2XYLLucky/Round
9Evening PuffOval6700g5500g1XRound(Ball)
Cardinalious = Phalaena's Flight (EU Version)
Woodhorn = Veronica's Slipper (EU Version)
Evening Puff = Evening Tuft (EU Version)
Destina Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsResale ValueFlower Value# of ColorsWTLGGRLBBLPPBKBRPKRDORYLFeatures/Properties
1Vibrant CoronetLeafy4700g7500g7WTBKBRXRDORYLPointy
2Rosa RegaliaBumpy4650g6000g9WTLGPPBKBRPKXORYLRound/Fragrance
3Japanese CamelliaOval10550g2500g4WTPKXYL
4Surf LilacAcorn10800g2000g4WTLBPPXFragrance
Japanese Camellia = Bold Sunrise (EU Version)
Surf Lilac = Surf Nila (EU Version)
Filosus = Helicus (EU Version)

Rare Breeds

Fruitia Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsFlower ValueColors
1Merry BerryOval210000gRed
4Cheery CherryBumpy63000gRed
5Mega MushroomOval54000gRed
Cheery Cherry = Twincherra (EU Version)
Mega Mushroom = King Cap (EU Version)
Festiva Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsFlower ValueColors
3Birthday BlossomLeafy37500gWhite
4Feisty FireworkAcorn212000gBrown
Festiflower = Jingle Bell (EU Version)
Glitteria Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsFlower ValueColors
1Cupid's CareLeafy211500gPink
Mischieva Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsFlower ValueColors
1Bite WeedBumpy53500gPurple
2Prickly PlumOval53000gL.Green
Bite Weed = Sunset Snapper (EU Version)
Magica Family
#FlowerSeed# of SeedsFlower ValueColors
1Crystal LilyAcorn39000gL.Blue
2Armored AzaleaAcorn43500gBlack
4Herald of DawnBumpy212500gBrown
Crystal Lily = Crystal Wish (EU Version)
Armored Azalea = Thorn-de-Lis (EU Version)
Butterflora = Flutterwing (EU Version)

List of Pots

#EU(/NA) NamePriceUnlock in store
00terra-cotta potn/an/a
01basic white pot100g(Initial stock)
02basic red pot100g(Initial stock)
03basic orange pot100g(Initial stock)
04basic yellow pot100g(Initial stock)
05basic light-green pot100g(Initial stock)
06basic green pot100g(Initial stock)
07basic black pot100g(Initial stock)
08basic blue pot100g(Initial stock)
09basic light-blue pot100g(Initial stock)
10basic pink pot100g(Initial stock)
11basic purple pot100g(Initial stock)
12basic brown pot100g(Initial stock)
13simple lined pot200g(Initial stock)
14modern white pot200gEnter 5 plants in journal
15modern black pot200gEnter 25 plants in journal
16modern granite pot300g(Initial stock)
17Indonesian planter300gWelcome 50 guests
18elm planter300gEnter 25 plants in journal
19metal planter300gEnter 5 plants in journal
20ornate(/adobe) pot400g(Initial stock)
21elegant urn1000gWelcome 50 guests
22elegant pot1600gWelcome 150 guests
23Zen planter500gEnter 5 plants in journal
24pearl pot600g(Initial stock)
25twisted pearl pot700gWelcome 50 guests
26unglazed basin300gEnter 5 plants in journal
27half(/apple) barrel300g(Initial stock)
28beige(/yellow) bowl300gEnter 25 plants in journal
29pink bowl500gEnter 45 plants in journal
30green bowl500g(Initial stock)
31angled black box500g(Initial stock)
32angled clover box600gWelcome 250 guests
33white cube200gWelcome 50 guests
34black cube200gWelcome 150 guests
35cabana cube600g(Initial stock)
36Roman(/European) goblet1000g(Initial stock)
37Victorian(/romantic) goblet1200g(Initial stock)
38wooden bowl500gEnter 25 plants in journal
39black lacquered bowl600gEnter 45 plants in journal
40red lacquered bowl700gEnter 65 plants in journal
41Caribbean goblet1700gComplete the job "For my Hero"
42amphora(/Roman jug)800g(Initial stock)
43serene white pot400g(Initial stock)
44serene black pot400gWelcome 150 guests
45serene painted pot700gEnter 45 plants in journal
46regal planter1300g(Initial stock)
47floral planter1400gComplete the job "A Shy Young Man"
48baroque(/Iron) goblet800gWelcome 250 guests
49stencilled(/vintage) barrel600gWelcome 350 guests
50oak barrel500g(Initial stock)
51green pipe1100gComplete the job "Get Well Soon"
52red pipe1100gComplete the job "Bridal Bouquet"
53yellow pipe1100gComplete the job "The Picky Patient"
54ceramic jug(/pitcher)600g(Initial stock)
55tin watering can400gWelcome 50 guests
56fancy watering can700gWelcome 150 guests
57antique bucket400gWelcome 250 guests
58(royal) teacup900gWelcome 350 guests
59polka-dot cup500g(Initial stock)
60striped cup500gEnter 45 plants in journal
61green cup500gEnter 65 plants in journal
62crab can300gEnter 5 plants in journal
63cat food can300gEnter 25 plants in journal
64(jumbo)tuna can300gEnter 45 plants in journal
65sunflower oil(/coffer) can300gEnter 65 plants in journal
66leafy tub600g(Initial stock)
67flowery tub600gWelcome 250 guests
68welly(/rain boot)400gWelcome 350 guests
69brick planter1300gComplete the job "Fleeting Fragrance"
70metal drum500gEnter 65 plants in journal
71jack-o'-lantern700gWelcome 350 guests
72celadon pot400gWelcome 150 guests
73lotus bowl1200gComplete the job "The Perfect Pair"
74mosaic pot600gWelcome 250 guests
75shiny pot600gWelcome 350 guests
76squirrel planter1800gComplete the job "Super Ikebana Girl"
77frog planter2000gComplete the job "Clearing the Air"
78milk carton300gComplete the job "Gourmet Gardening"
79watermelon pot300gComplete the job "Love, I Guess..."
80woven basket200gEnter 65 plants in journal

Delivery of new stock

EventStock Delivered
Enter 5 plants in journal5 new pots
Enter 25 plants in journal5 new pots
Enter 45 plants in journal5 new pots
Enter 65 plants in journal5 new pots
Welcome 50 guests5 new pots
Welcome 150 guests5 new pots
Welcome 250 guests5 new pots
Welcome 350 guests5 new pots

Plant Holder

#EU Name(/NA Name)PriceUnlock in store
01(leave spot empty)0g(Initial stock)
02light-bown box800g(Initial stock)
03blue box800g(Initial stock)
04white box800g(Initial stock)
05light-brown storage box1100g(Initial stock)
06brown storage box1100g(Initial stock)
07light-brown crate900g(Initial stock)
08brown crate900g(Initial stock)
09light-brown storage crate1200g(Initial stock)
10white storage crate1200g(Initial stock)
11white stool1000g(Initial stock)
12white patio table2200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
13black patio table2000gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
14white patio chair1700gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
15black patio chair1700gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
16plant stand1200gEnter 15 plants in journal
17ornate grey pedestal3000gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
18ornate white pedestal3000gEnter 35 plants in journal
19(sturdy) stone pedestal2200gEnter 55 plants in journal
20modern white pedestal3000gOn first shop visit
21modern black pedestal3000gOn first shop visit
22light-brown box stack1200gEnter 15 plants in journal
23blue box stack1200gWelcome 300 guests
24light-brown storage box stack1500gWelcome 100 guests
25white storage box stack1300gWelcome 200 guests
26workbench1700gEnter 55 plants in journal
27milk pail(/can)2000gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
28white milk pail(/can)2000gEnter 70 plants in journal
29wooden chair1200gEnter 35 plants in journal
30wooden table1200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
31white-tableclothed table1500g(Initial stock)
32pink-tableclothed table1500gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
33blue-tableclothed table1300gWelcome 200 guests
34lace-tableclothed table1700gWelcome 400 guests
35green-tableclothed table1700gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
36school chair1100gEnter 15 plants in journal
37antique stool1200gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
38market stall display(/farmer's market display)1500gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
39pair of brown wooden trays1000gWelcome 200 guests
40pair of white wooden trays1000gWelcome 300 guests
41pair of brown bakery trays1000gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
42pair of green bakery trays1000gEnter 70 plants in journal
43pile(/stack) of brown bricks1000gWelcome 100 guests
44pile(/stack) of red bricks1000g(Initial stock)
45tan(/light-brown) trunk2200gEnter 35 plants in journal
46brown trunk2200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
47treasure chest2000g(Initial stock)
48tea(/white end) table2500gEnter 55 plants in journal
49mahogany tea (/brown) table2500gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
50small white desk2200g(Initial stock)
51small green desk2000gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
52metal bin (/garbage can)1500gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
53white metal bin (/white garbage can)1300gEnter 70 plants in journal
54slim white chest of drawers(/narrow white dresser)2200gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
55slim green chest of drawers(/narrow green dresser)2200g(Initial stock)
56brown chest of drawers(/brown dresser)2000gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
57white chest of drawers(/white dresser)2200gWelcome 400 guests
58basket1500gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
59white basket1300g(Initial stock)
60rusty blue table1200gWelcome 300 guests

Wall Ornaments

#EU(/NA) NamePriceUnlock in store
01(leave spot empty)0g(Initial stock)
02corkboard3000gComplete the job "Grand Opening" job
03light-brown planter shelf1200g(Initial stock)
04white planter shelf1200gEnter 35 plants in journal
05brown planter shelf1700g(Initial stock)
06blue planter shelf2000g(Initial stock)
07utensil rack(/kitchen onament)1300g(Initial stock)
08wall (-mounted) lamp2200gEnter 55 plants in journal
09double wall(/mounted twin) lamp2500gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
10brown curio shelf3000gOn first shop visit
11light-brown curio shelf3000gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
12decorative black panel3000gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
13decorative white panel2500gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
14green antique gate3000gOn first shop visit
15brown antique gate3000gOn first shop visit
16blue bead(/jeweled) curtain3500gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
17pink bead(/ red jeweled) curtain3500gOn first shop visit
18cottage(/antique) window3500gWelcome 100 guests
19pink flower wall lamp3500gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
20yellow flower wall lamp3000gWelcome 200 guests
21classic(/simple) wall lamp2500g(Initial stock)
22round welcome sign1500g(Initial stock)
23square welcome sign1500gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
24blackboard3500gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
25brown picture frame1100g(Initial stock)
26white picture frame1100gWelcome 300 guests
27black picture frame1100g(Initial stock)
28decorative blue frame2000gComplete the job "Ultimate Power of Zen"
29fancy gold frame3500gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
30fancy bronze frame3500gEnter 70 plants in journal
31gardening tools2200gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
32spring wreath3000gComplete the job "Scent of Success"
33autumn wreath3000gComplete the job "Apple of My Eye"
34wire rack2200gComplete the job "A Plant for Poppy"
35white shelf1700g(Initial stock)
36blue shelf2000g(Initial stock)
37sunset poster2200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
38Halloween poster2000gWelcome 400 guests
39gardening poster2200gWelcome 100 guests
40flower poster2200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot

Floor Ornaments

#EU(/NA) NamePriceUnlock in store
01(leave spot empty)0g(Initial stock)
02white tiered display2200g(Initial stock)
03brown tiered display2500g(Initial stock)
04fountain4000gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
05blue mailbox2500gEnter 35 plants in journal
06grey mailbox2200gEnter 15 plants in journal
07yellow birdcage3000gBuy "Greenhouse Garden" plot
08(mint-)green birdcage3000g(Initial stock)
09black bird feeder3000gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
10grey(/blue) bird feeder3000gEnter 70 plants in journal
11brown café board3000gBuy "Terrace Garden" plot
12black café board3000gComplete the job "Don't Give Up"
13black porch swing4000gOn first shop visit
14white porch swing4000gEnter 55 plants in journal
15wooden wheel2500gWelcome 100 guests
16blue stepladder2500g(Initial stock)
17brown stepladder2200gEnter 15 plants in journal
18plant stand with ivy2500g(Initial stock)
19Piranha Plant topiary6000gComplete the job "A Mysterious Job"
20Yoshi topiary6000gComplete the job "The Final Job"
21squirrel topiary5000gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
22(teddy) bear topiary5000gOn first shop visit
23palm tree3500gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
24white surfboard2500gWelcome 300 guests
25brown surfboard2200gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
26blue surfboard2500gWelcome 400 guests
27yellow surfboard2500gBuy "Patio Garden" plot
28pumpkin tower4000gComplete the job "A Brave Proposal"
29snowman4000gComplete the job "Young Love"
30Christmas(/festive) tree5000gOn first shop visit
31elegant parasol5000gComplete the job "In Loving Memory"
32white weather vane3000g(Initial stock)
33black weather vane3000gWelcome 200 guests
34blue weather vane3000gWelcome 400 guests
35black woodstove3500gBuy "Fountain Garden" plot
36brown woodstove3500gOn first shop visit
37basic parasol3500gOn first shop visit
38café parasol4000gComplete the job "Congrats to the Chef"

Delivery of new stock

EventStock Delivered
Enter 15 plants in journal5 new accessories
Enter 35 plants in journal5 new accessories
Enter 55 plants in journal5 new accessories
Enter 70 plants in journal5 new accessories
Welcome 100 guests5 new accessories
Welcome 200 guests5 new accessories
Welcome 300 guests5 new accessories
Welcome 400 guests5 new accessories
Buy "Patio Garden" plot10 new accessories
Buy "Terrace Garden" plot10 new accessories
Buy "Fountain Garden" plot10 new accessories
Buy "Greenhouse Garden" plot10 new accessories

List of Plots

#PlotPrice# of PlantsPlant HoldersWall OrnamentsFloor Ornaments
1Starting GardenInitial5322
2Simple Garden4,000g8521
3Brown-Fenced Garden6,000g8521
4Checkerboard Garden9,000g8530
5Patio Garden15,000g5322
6Terrace Garden30,000g5321
7Gazebo Garden60,000g6222
8Greenhouse Garden100,000g5221
Brown-Fenced Garden = Deluxe Garden (EU Version)
Checkerboard Garden = Chequerboard Garden (EU Version)
Gazebo Garden = Fountain Garden (EU Version)

Delivery of new stock

=----= Checkerboard Garden & Greenhouse Garden become available (to buy), with your first guests after becoming a Master Gardener.

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