Question from ker_plop

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I unlock more Missions?

I've finished the game, but I've got a lot more Missions that haven't been unlocked. In what other ways do I have to get them?

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From: SonicRuler94 3 years ago

Either use your play coins (5) for each mission or do special things such as play certain number of stages or do all stages in time attack or you can streetpass someone with the game

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Collect 99 lives, Get S-Rank on all stages and bosses, Complete certain missions to get more, and you can only recieve 10 play coins per day, which mean thay you can only buy two missions in one day

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@VictoryUpGamer I got all S-ranks on the game and it only gave me Two missions

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VictoryUpGamer, I did all the things you said and I still didn't get much.

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