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Real location of red brick in little whinging park?

I tried the merry-go-round several times and no red brick appears, as suggested the first time this question was answered. Is there a glitch or was the answer incorrect?

Vanders1 provided additional details:

I'm sorry, you are correct. I tried many many times in a row and it didn't appear. I tried multiple times with Harry, Dudley, Death Eater and then I switched to Kreatcher and the first time around, the red brick appeared, even though I had gone around it no less than a dozen times before, in the same go. Thanks!


sephy001 answered:

It does work. . . you have to spin around the merry go round hitting a then you fly off & a blue lego coin appears. Then you must spin a second time and you fly off and a red brick appears in the sandbox.
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TGSnowwy answered:

Sounds like you already have it and just haven't accepted an answer yet. For the record though, in the PSP and DS versions, you have to play on several pieces of playground equipment to make the Red Brick appear, not just one specifically. This maybe might possibly be the reason the merry-go-round doesn't always work right away.
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simplyoooo answered:

it does work, sort of. I tried spinning round the merry go round a 5 times and the brick did not appear, so went to the rest of the playground and went down the slide and the brick appeared in the sand pit. Not retried it yet, but after the merry go round, try something else. I did this with dumbledore in free play which worked.
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