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Money cheat?

Money cheat or way to make money quickly?

fossda92 provided additional details:

p.s. wtf i did not post this question at 9:55 pm GMT i posted it at 1:55 pm GMT

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mr_an_mrsfluffy answered:

get a dog and make him find stuff I have 500k from him in 3 weeks on the game ^^
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jbl8199 answered:

I don't think there is a money cheat in this game. I looked all over the place and it doesn't seem like there are ANY cheats for that matter. You could always spend some play coins and use the "Holy Simoleans" Karma Power. Doing that gets you a few thousand bucks in your pocket.
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linkstorm98 answered:

Try using the thing when the bags of money fall from the sky "holy simo[something]"
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Doggy183 answered:

Get a level 7 gardening skill and plant a money tree 2 get $
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linkstorm98 answered:

Also get a job working as a cop they make alot of money at career level 10.
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