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Pants color?

How do I change the color of my pants? I have Miis with brown, black and blue pants but I cant change the color of the pants on any Mii.


morbyganawho answered:

Well The Pants Change When You Favorite Then The Mii's Pants Change To Red Then Black Is Your Normal Colour Then There Miis You Get From Streetpass & Special Miis From E3
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ShadowInTheMyst answered:

Red (Brown looking) is the user's color. Grey (Black looking) means user created, but not the main user's mii. Blue means user from a different device.
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Pikachu3634 answered:

I know of four :D
Brown is a favorited Mii
Grey-blue is a normal mii
Blue is another users
Gold is a special spot pass mii.
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pursuit_master answered:

Blue= anothers persons mii
red= your favortie mii
grey/black= standard mii
gold=special event mii
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