Question from birthbysleep86

Burning Balcony Spider Webs?

I'm in the first mansion on the cleaning the spider web mission. Now I'm at the balcony trying to burn the webs. The only fire in the room is on the other side of the webs there is a spider web ball thing that looks like a uvula. I pull it down to try to get it to swing to the fire on the other side with no success. Am I doing something wrong?


LupisLight answered:

if you look through the spiderweb with X you'll see a shiny red BBQ grill with a flash sensor on it- You need to go around and enter the balcony from the other side in order to activate it. THEN you can pull the ball of webbing over and burn it.
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guruofgaming010 answered:

You need to go to the other side (which is the lobby) and shine your dark light on the wall to the right to reveal a hidden door and then flash the strobulb at the bbq.
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