Question from Kyu_NinJa

How do I solve getting the rest of the vehicles?

How can you get ALL vehicles?
I have all the ones you can simply get by the token, but what about the others? Help.


Arseen answered:

Red brick races give least 1 (after finishing all or is it one per competion? not sure as I noticed the reward after finishing last of them).

Also collecting character challenges (pigs, cats, mega jumps and such) reward you with car tokens that are not counted as area car tokens (only free floating tokens count as those).
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zenwaznez answered:

Collecting car tokens, you simply have to find them in the wild, check streets and rooftops.

You can also unlock then my getting awards for finding pig, putting fire outs, etc.

you get the last vehicle by racing and winning all races (racing race)
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