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Where can i find all the legendaries spots?

Like , i know mostly that the small legendary pokemons come from streetpass. i know that Palkia,Dialga,Zekrom,n Reshiram come from the caves , but i wuz wonderin , is there any other areas that hav the sparkly springs that shows up the legendaries like latios,latias,etc.
Legendaries I so far have : Reshiram , Palkia , Dialga , Zapdos , Moltres , Suicune , Terrakion , Articuno , Mesprit , Uxie , Lugia , Groudon , n Zoroak(idk if zoroak wuld b counted as a legendary in this game so w/e).

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pokejoo99 answered:

This is how you get them. Sometimes they don't appear. Some can be obtained by password. AGC stands for After Game Completion. Pokemon with All something have 5% chance coming out. How you know is that the boss room launch pad is shiny.

Articuno:World Axle B2F Glacier AGC, Password 2364-4610
Zapdos:World Axle B2F Factory AGC, Password 1675-4459
Moltres:World Axle B1F Magma AGC, Password 8714-7361
Mewtwo:All Factories After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
Mew:4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory After meeting 80 people
Raikou:World Axle B1F Meadow AGC
Entei:World Axle B2F Cave
Suicune:World Axle B2F Lake AGC
Lugia:All Beaches AGC, Password 0442-4822
Ho-oh:All Autumnwood AGC
Celebi:4-2 Everspring Valley Forest After meeting 60 people
Regirock:4-3 Sunny Seashore Cannon AGC
Regice:4-1 Frozen Tundra Glacier AGC
Registeel4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory AGC
Latias:All Meadows AGC
Latios:All Meadows AGC
Kyogre:All Beachs AGC
Groudon:All Magmas AGC, 0681-1611
Rayquaza:All Towers AGC
Jirachi:3-3 Firebreathing Mountain Tower After meeting 40 people
Deoxys:All Factories Each Form AGC
Rotom:3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Rotom's Hidden Room All forms available
Uxie:2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank Lake After meeting 2 people
Mesprit:2-3 Soothing Shore Lake After meeting 5 people
Azelf:2-4 Shimmering Lake Lake After meeting 10 people
Dialga:All Caves AGC, Password 3402-6485
Palkia:All Lakes AGC
Heatran:All Magmas AGC
Regigigas:All Deserts AGC
Giratina:All Horrors AGC
Cresselia:All Treetops AGC
Phione:3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
Manaphy:3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
Darkrai:All Horrors AGC
Shaymin Land:World Axle B2F Glacier After meeting 100 people
Shaymin Sky:World Axle B1F Forest After meeting 120 people
Arceus:All Towers After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
Victini:World Axle B2F After meeting 150 people, Password 6699-8898
Cobalion:All Caves After defeating Terrakion and Virizion AGC
Terrakion:All Canyons AGC
Virizion:All Forests AGC
Tornadus:3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 0250-7321
Thunderus:3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 8819-8699
Reshiram:All Caves AGC
Zekrom:All Caves AGC
Landorus:3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires beat both Tornadus and Landorus AGC
Kyurem:All Glaciers AGC

I'm pretty sure that all of the legendaries a listed.
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dcoughler answered:

Here's the list from Serebii....
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irtehmrepic answered:

Use some codes, and make tons of Miis. They pass off as different Miis so you can use them instead of all the trouble of StreetPass.
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darksense1693 answered:

There's a free official pokedex for download.
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dylanmcgalin answered:

Ho-oh is n 3-3 Autumwood and also in 3-2 Autumwood (if thats how to spell it).
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