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Where do I find Cobalion?

I have beaten the game, and now Sigilyph and Elygem seem to be implying that I need to find him. To quote Sigilyph: "I am certain you will find what you have lost." Considering that Cobalion seems to have sacrificed himself in the battle with Dark Rust, I don't know how to do this. Help!!

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YoshiChao answered:

To obtain Cobalion you first need to go to any of the Canyon Areas and encounter Terrakion at the end of the level via Shiny Boss Pad.
After or before you encounter Terrakion, at any of the Forest Areas you can encounter Virizion at the end of the level, should the Boss Pad be shining.
If you have Terrakion and then defeat Virizion, you will obtain Virizion and then a Rusty Cobalion shall fall from the sky where the Exit Pad normally would be at.
The same thing happens if you have Virizion and then fight Terrakion.

Note: There is only a 5% chance of the Boss Pad being Shiny at the end of the levels, so you probably will have to play the same level, or in this case, Canyon or Forest, over and over again until it happens.

Also, an way to make the boss fights easier is to go to the Hauntyard Areas and obtain a Giratina, and have it know Shadow Force and Protect. Then in battles all you have to do is use Protect, and then spam Shadow Force.
Also, Lingering increases the time of Protection which is very helpful.
And remember, that if you want the Cobalion to be useful, don't go and encounter Virizion or Terrakion until you have either obtained World Rank *10, or a high World Rank in general, so then you can keep restoring the Cobalion, checking its Ability, if it's bad reset and try again.
You can do the same with all Rusty Pokemon, making it one of the most useful abilities in the game.
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