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What is the best strategy for beating team battle ex6 and the battle royal ex6?

i cant beat ether of the ex 6 battles. What is the recommended level?

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baraatje123 answered:

For EX 6 TB:
terrakion 3176 sacred sword and protect
dialga 3247 roar of time
picky volcarona 2913 hurricane

first attack the ice gang, with articuno.
than the fire gang and then the electric gang.
your team mates will most likely attack lugia, i recommend that you attack ho-oh, so nobody can attack you.

second room:
first attack sharpedo and kyogre, camerupt is already knocked out so attack groudon. rauquaza is easy with SS.

third room:
attack hydreigon and zekrom and knock them out, then go for reshiram.
attack kyurem and when you see that it is going to attack, run away, so DON'T protect. revive your teamates when they are knocked out.

last room:
first you must attack dialga, yout team mates heve probably knocked palkia out,otherwise defeat palkia. when dialga returns, attack it with SS. arceus will appear. go to hyper mode and KEEP PROTECTING when it is going to attack, since you can get knocked out in hyper mode. after it ends, you are probably between knocking it out to a quart of its health, keep reviving your teammates and attack it. you will win eventually.

For EX 6 BR:
nothing to say except, use ghost or dark arceus with judgment and protect. first knock everyone out and then attack mewtwo, i recommend that you will let you arceus faint, and then use giratina with shadow ball and shadow force. first lower it's defense and then keep attacking mewtwo.
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