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Floating Empire Rune Factory 4 South boss?

I can't find the south boss. I found and beat both west and east bosses.
But haven't found the south boss. Some of the paths are blocked by heavy wind, how do I get past that?

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DarkWind313 answered:

There are several rooms where you will have to defeat all the monsters to make a switch appear, that will change the direction of the wind.

Some rooms have buttons, that can either be pressed down by telling your partner(s) to 'Hold Still' on them, or by placing items on them.
Some can be bypassed by dashing, or (even better) using the Axel Disaster skill.
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HitTheGroundWal answered:

Some of the wind is light enough that by mashing the R button, you can run through it. :D
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HitTheGroundWal answered:

I didn't realize that either until Amber said something that made me try it. So don't feel silly.
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mmmitsmikey answered:

Keep an eye out for grey buttons on the ground that either stop or change the direction of the wind. You can place items on the buttons to keep them held down
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