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How do I bring Ventuswill Back?

At the end of the game Venti disapper and I did not even propose to Forte yet. Is there a way for her to come back she is still on the friendship list after all?


wilsonleoheart answered:

Read this FAQ and search for "MW13"
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Ryuholy749 answered:

There is a special event that will open the third plot arc. I think it was called "Remembrance". This event could take a while to happen, but it dose require you to meet Dylan and Amber in the flower shop to start. Finish the third arc and, well... you'll see ;)
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Deadlyinformant answered:

I've heard claims that both Amber and Dylas need to be at 7FP to start the event, which is called Memories. Note that is is definitely different from Shiny Memories event, although Ventuswill does TECHNICALLY appear in that event, although only just her powers.

So I'd work on getting both Dylas' and Amber's friendship points up, as well as have both of them in your party daily. If both of them leave your party in the morning chances are Memories has activated. If not then on a day when there's no other events for tomorrow on the calendar run around talking to everyone in town, see if another event is supposed to occur (Which would make Memories starting impossible until that event is over).
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Dan_Spellsword answered:

The event is called memories, and it involves getting one or more of the guardians to 7 FP/LP or higher to activate (preferably Dylas or Amber). This event will span on for at least 3 in game days and where upon the third day you will see the guardians in Venti's chamber. After some Dialogue you will be told to go to the dungeon where you rescued Leon... it will be one hell of a hard dungeon if you do not have strong monsters or equipment. A trick that worked for me was after act 2, use some Prince/Princess Points to unlock Sharance Maze, and try to either tame a monster or two from the dungeon (they will be around level 300), or try to grind. I do not recommend this if you are too low of level or don't have a weapon with Faint % as the regular monster can do around 1000-3000 or more damage a hit.
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