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Need help with Doug?

Someone told me I had to finish the story to get Doug's love lvl past 3 and I can also invite him on an adventure. So at least I thought. I believe I did finish the story plot. Just to make sure it's when you go to forest of beginnings and then defeat Leon and save him, meaning ur also saving venti as well, right? So that's the end? If so then why isn't Doug's love lvl at all going up?? Help! Please?

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dineme81 answered:

That is the end of the 1st arc of the story, to get Doug past level 3 friendship/love you need to finish the 2nd arc which starts when you try to leave town through the main gate.
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Xarm answered:

I don't think that is the end. I did that, then the next time I left the town (by walking) it triggered an event.
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Xarm answered:

Whoops, forgot something. There's an event that involves venti and the other guardians that happened first for me, but I'm not certain how to trigger it. Maybe talk to venti? Or walk into her room?
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