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How do I get past the Floating Island?

I am on the floating island part of the game and I keep on dying. I am level 117 on normal mode and I have two good monsters as my partners. Then I got to battling the slime and my weapon hardly does damage at all (katana blades lvl 8 earth attribute). What are some good dual blades and attributes for the floating island?

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Lirishae answered:

Anything not earth attribute should handle the slimes. Here are some recipes for you to choose from:

Twin Blade (Lv 32 Recipe)
Gold + Gold + Rigid Horn + Rigid Horn + Paralysis Poison

Rampage (Lv 33 recipe)
Diamond + Diamond + Gold Wolf Fang

Salamander (Lv 35 recipe)
Diamond + Diamond + Fire Crystal + Cheap Propeller

Platinum Edge (Lv 37 recipe)
Platinum + Platinum + Dragon Fang + Dragon Fang

Sonic Dagger (Lv 39 recipe)
Platinum + Platinum + Emerald + Emerald + Thunderbird Feather
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