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How can I get a level 10 crop?

I need to get a level 10 crop for a request but I can't get my seeds past level 8. I've tried everything from adding a greenifier to withered grass. Anyone have a step by step process to level up a crop?

Callaghan41 provided additional details:

Do I need the sickle that you need a forging level of 80 to craft? I've been using the level 45 one so is that a problem>

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Moonborne answered:

A good sickle/ Greenifier+ will help massively... when the plant bares fruit, and I mean fully mature fruit, cut it rinse and repeat, it takes a while to max out the seeds/ I was doing it with my dungeon and sword seeds... incidentally not really worth growing weapons and shields
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MegaManZ3ro answered:

Try upgrading your sickle and then cutting down the crop to get higher level seeds. If you have a sub-par sickle, the seed level won't increase.
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