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Asked: 10 months ago

More difficulties in Runa Prana 4?

Okay, so I've gotten past the flame trap to the room with the red barrier. Found the secret room to the right. I defeated the monsters there which revealed the red switch (yay) but when I press the switch I just get more monsters and can't leave the room until I defeat them. No biggie, I beat them, and go back to the room with the red barrier but it's still blocking my path (gah!).

Has anyone else had this problem? Am I just missing something?
Any help is truly appreciated.

Additional details - 10 months ago

@peg72 - Right, I did enter that room after the room with the flame trap. The red switch just gives me more monsters. Usually one Red Dragon and about six of the Queen Ants. After defeating them the red barricade remains... just taunting me... heh.

Additional details - 10 months ago

@peg72 - Well I'll be dipped. There IS a secret room on the right beyond the first secret room to the right. Here I was thinking my game was glitched and I would have to start all over. You saved me time and sanity. THANK YOU!

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From: peg72 10 months ago

Sorry didnt read your question fully but I just remembered there's a another secret room to the right of the first secret room. Hope this helps.

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There are hidden rooms on the right side of the map. Enter from the room after the flame trap thing I think.

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